The Status Quo and Strategic Thinking of the Development of White LED Phosphors

[Source: "High-tech LED-technology and application" January issue Wang Jingao]

One, ten years of reincarnation, what changes have China's white LED phosphor development experienced?

In 2003, several companies in Beijing, Rare Earth, Dalian Luming, and Xiamen Kemingda developed and produced white LED phosphors. Since then, the returnees have returned to Nakamura Yuji, and some investors from Nanjing and Shanghai have joined the phosphor industry. In recent years, there have been some rookies who have not yet emerged, and the white phosphor team is booming.

At the same time, foreign phosphor manufacturers have not forgotten to occupy the Chinese market. The first to settle in China is Hongdae Phosphors, which are originally produced in Japan and are distributed by Taiwan Hongdae Trading Company. Since many packaging factories in mainland China originally came from Taiwan, they continued to use Hongdae powder. Later, the development of domestic packaging companies has mushroomed, and they are also used to imitating, "pre-emptive" Hongdae powder, and it turns out that Hongdae powder is not the best. Domestic phosphors gradually entered the market, and people began to understand the excellence of domestic powder.

Nichia 1993 invented the GaN blue light chip. In 1996, YAG phosphor powder was applied to the blue light chip to obtain white light. The YAG phosphor powder invented by Dutch scientists as early as 20 years ago was applied for its own patent. At that time, the patent was only a few lumens, and it was only 40 lm/w until 2006. In the October 2006 issue of Nissan, the phosphors “recognized”.

As early as 1997, other Japanese scientists worked with Germany to develop TAG phosphors and silicate powders to avoid infringement. Because TAG light effect is significantly lower than YAG, six companies in Taiwan purchased German TAG patent technology, in order to avoid patents, which made Taiwan enterprises stand firm, but most companies use TAG to make the overall package level lower than 85lm/w. Effective, in second-rate. In recent years, with the vigorous development of China's LED industry, the United States, Britain, Germany, and Japan's Mitsubishi phosphors have entered the mainland one after another. The market is booming and very lively, giving packaging companies more choices.

The overall trend of phosphor prices is gradually reduced, generally divided into high-end, mid-range, and low-end. Depending on the quantum efficiency of the phosphor, the price varies greatly depending on the variety. US nitride red phosphor 500 yuan / gram, Japan Mitsubishi 470 yuan / gram. Domestic nitride is 150-200 yuan / gram. The silicate phosphor dropped from 50-60 yuan to a few dollars due to stability problems. YAG yellow phosphor is the main body of the phosphor market, currently has 20 yuan / gram, 10 yuan / gram, a few yuan / gram. A large-scale packaging factory with brand, emphasizing the patented intellectual property of phosphors, pursuing high brightness and super bright, producing 120-150lm/w products, working towards 160-200lm/w, will choose higher-priced phosphors; and those specialties Low-end, inferior product packaging plants, creating the world's most low-cost LED, they can beat all competitors in the same trade, the only price and capacity. Their commitment to product quality is: as long as it will be bright, not high-light, hand in hand, first-hand delivery. Unrecognized overnight, quantum efficiency is very low, as long as a few dollars of phosphor is his favorite. Most companies produce 70-100 lm / w product quality homogenization, although the amount of phosphor is very small, the actual cost is about 1%. They care about the price, and they linger around a dozen yuan.

For more information, please refer to the January issue of "High-tech LED-Technology and Applications" magazine.

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