Application of LED control system in night lighting

In recent years, with the continuous development of society, the living conditions of urban and rural residents in China have made a qualitative leap, but various types of pollution have also become increasingly serious. Modern pollution types are becoming more and more numerous, and the threat to the natural environment and the normal life and health of the people is also growing. In order to maintain the sustainable development of our society and safeguard the lives and property of the people, we must take favorable measures such as developing a low-carbon economy and applying environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products to carry out environmental protection. As the main cultural carrier and image project of the city, the landscape value and commercial value of the night are gradually being developed. Urban light pollution has also quietly emerged. This new type of pollution problem mainly comes from urban vehicle lighting and architectural night lighting. Currently, we have begun research to address such pollution problems. We can reduce the harm caused by this pollution to some extent by adopting the environmentally-friendly and energy-saving LED lighting control system in the building night lighting. This article will discuss the application of LED lighting control system in architectural night lighting.

   The current development status of LED lighting in China

Under the current situation, due to the decline in the price of upstream chips and the improvement of the luminous efficiency of LED lighting appliances, people are paying more and more attention to the development of LED in the field of lighting, and the LED industry itself has also shown a very good development trend. According to experts' predictions, although the market share of LEDs in the domestic lighting market is less than 5% in 2010, the market share of LED lighting is expected to double in 2011, reaching more than 10%, and within two years. With the development and innovation of science and technology, LED technology is more mature, and its market share can reach at least one-fifth. In the development of LED lighting, architectural night lighting is undoubtedly one of the main development directions. Overall, the price of LED lighting products has shown a downward trend in the short term.

Our government as well as provincial and municipal enterprises attach great importance to the development of LED lighting, in 2010, the majority of domestic enterprises to invest heavily in the field of production of LED chips, LED chip prices are not expensive if daughter, but gradually reduced the price, especially highpowerLED price declines lighting applications It has reached 15% to 20%. It is worth mentioning that in the next few years, China plans to add more than 1,200 LED devices to MOCVD. The capital investment of the enterprise and the strong support of the state have increased the production capacity of the chip, and at the same time greatly promoted the decline of the cost and price of the domestic LED lighting products.

In addition, technological advances are also one of the reasons for the decline in LED chip prices. According to reports, according to the LEDs set by the US Department of Energy, the 2010 target is 140lm/W, and by 2020, the luminous efficiency of LEDs will reach 243lm/W.

   LED lighting products and LED intelligent lighting control system

LED (Light Emitting Diode), whose luminescent material is mainly composed of a solid semiconductor chip, a forward voltage is applied across the semiconductor chip, carriers in the semiconductor are recombined, and energy is generated to emit visible light, which is illuminated by incandescent lamps. The perfect replacement for upgrades. It has the following characteristics: 1. Safe and reliable. The semiconductor diode emits light, the light color is soft, there is no glare, and no ultraviolet radiation is generated. 2. Save energy. The LED emits light by reflecting the photon in the diode, does not generate excess heat, and has high energy conversion efficiency. Under the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of an ordinary incandescent lamp, and the power saving rate can reach 90%. 3. Long service life. LED luminaires are 100 times longer than incandescent lamps, have an average life of more than 100,000 hours, and can operate without high levels of frequent startup or shutdown.

LED architectural lighting intelligent control system, the main structure including sensor unit, control unit, drive circuit, lighting system and other components, provides convenient and fast conditions for urban architectural night lighting, effectively saving manpower and material resources, avoiding waste of resources.

Here I mainly elaborate a set of LED intelligent lighting and constant current drive control system.

Firstly, the system hardware design is introduced. As shown in Fig. 1, the intelligent lighting control system is based on μPD78F0034 as the main control device. It is mainly composed of sensor unit, controller unit, LED drive circuit and illumination system. The main function of the μPD78F0034 chip is to calculate and process the signal data that has been processed by the thermal infrared sensor, the glare sensor, and the sound sensor and has been processed by A/D conversion. After the signal is processed, it is converted to the LED driver circuit by D/A conversion. Display circuits to help the system work properly.

Figure: LED intelligent lighting control system structure

Second, the system software design. In order to simplify the design structure, the modular design idea is taken as the lead, and the function module subroutine is set with the main program as the core. When the system works, the function program subroutine is called by the main program. Each function sub-module performs its duties, and the signal input module is responsible for inputting three types of sensor signals into the single-chip data channel. In the control system software, the signal of the sound sensor and the signal of the infrared detector are processed as the Boolean data of the switch after rectification and digitization. After the rectifying and amplifying environment fills the light, the signal generated by the light intensity detecting system is divided into two paths, one is a Boolean value, and the output generated by the first two signals is processed and operated as a basis for generating a switching signal of the lamp switch, and All the way to environmental data A / D conversion, encoding output to the system's output module, the system control to adjust the brightness of the lamp, appropriate LED lighting brightness according to the surrounding environment, and ultimately achieve the purpose of LED intelligent lighting.

After the system is set up, it is possible to automatically control the switching and brightness of the LED lighting fixtures according to the requirements of different working environments and the alternation of the day and night environment without manual supervision. Especially for the high-power LED lighting fixtures in urban architectural night lighting, we use the constant current source driving method, which not only can improve the power efficiency, save energy, but also effectively extend the service life of LED lighting fixtures.

Architectural night lighting application LED lighting control system design requirements

With the rapid development of modern science and technology, urban architectural lighting technology has been steadily improved, LED lighting fixtures will gradually achieve higher market share in China and even the global market, and its development potential is beyond doubt. However, how to make further progress on this basis, better to achieve low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection is the primary problem facing the design of LED lighting control system in the study of architectural night lighting.

The leading figure in the night lighting of urban architecture in China, Vice President Zhao Jianping of the Chinese Academy of Sciences put forward constructive opinions on urban architectural lighting design: urban architectural night lighting should not only ensure the creation of a good light environment, but also be scientific, practical and forward-looking. It is easy to maintain, safe to use, save energy, protect the environment, protect health and green lighting.

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