Zhang Zhongmou: Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. 28-nanometer production process will delay

TSMC chairman Zhang Zhongmou said calmly on the 28th that after the inventory level of the global semiconductor industry chain was higher than the expected end market demand in the third quarter of 2011, the company and its customers have entered the inventory level correction period in the third quarter. Internally, even some of the industry's leading customers have seen orders for 28-nanometer processes originally planned for production in the fourth quarter of 2011, and they have begun to postpone their moves to early 2012. This statement, not only the third quarter of 2011, the peak season has become an established fact, the fourth quarter of Christmas buying also need to be cautious.

After Zhang Zhongmou announced his conservative view on the second half of 2011, TSMC's 28th day law said that the atmosphere on the spot suddenly became cold. Not only did foreign analysts speak very enthusiastically, they often had to wait for one or two minutes before someone wanted to raise their hand. Even when Zhang Zhongmou ridiculed that all the company's current manufacturing processes did not line up, everyone was queuing up more than a year ago. Three months ago, when people were still lining up in a big gap, the laughter of the participating companies was also rather unpleasant. .

Zhang Zhongmou said that the continuous downward revision of 2011 global semiconductor industry and wafer foundry market growth actions, it is actually the global economic performance has been much lower than the optimistic expectations at the beginning of 2011, therefore, TSMC has internal 2011 global semiconductor industry The growth rate of output value was reduced from the previous 7% to 4%. As for the growth rate of the global foundry market in 2011, the original 15% was revised down to 7%. The projected growth rate of the two important figures was almost synchronized, indicating that the second half of 2011 is not optimistic.

Not to mention the question of whether TSMC’s revenue in 2011 will continue to grow by 20% as planned. However, in the face of TSMC's order visibility and capacity utilization in the third quarter, Zhang Zhongmou maintained its consistent position that the company’s leading edge in process technology and more diversified process service content are still expected to make the company average in the third quarter. The foundry price was flat, and after the customer inventory adjustments came to an end, TSMC's capacity utilization rate in the fourth quarter was expected to rebound from the third quarter.

As for the progress of the 28-nanometer manufacturing process that TSMC paid close attention to in the second half of 2011, Zhang Zhongmou emphasized that currently over 89 development projects have been successfully tested and the chip yield has also met the client's expectations, but customers have felt the global performance. Not as expected pressure, coupled with the recent voice of the industry chain to carry out inventory adjustments, so some customers have decided to delay the mass production schedule of the 28-nanometer process, the company currently also put the 28-nanometer process will be in the fourth quarter of 2011 The original production schedule was slightly delayed until the fourth quarter and the first quarter of 2012.

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