Interpretation: The abrupt changes in the market structure of LED applications

Functional municipal lighting applications grew rapidly in 2008 Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers have hundreds of thousands of LED demonstration lights, tunnel lights are applied; functional landscape lighting, LED full color display, solar LED, consumer electronics Applications such as backlighting, signals, and indications are still the main application areas; LEDs have also made some progress in high-end applications such as LCD TV backlighting and automotive lighting.

In 2008, sales statistics of LED products in all major application areas showed that the architectural landscape is the largest application area of ​​LED in China. Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger units accounted for 28% of the total market share; LED displays and home appliances are displayed as LED domestic The two major application areas of plate heat exchangers accounted for 27% of the total market share; mobile phones, computer notebooks and other small and medium-size backlight sources for the third largest application area plate heat exchanger units accounted for 22% of the total market share; traffic lights, car lights, Special lighting and other applications occupy a certain market share.

Traffic Signals and Indicators:

Newly built and expanded roads in 2008 use LED traffic lights. Signals for most cities in the country have also completed LED transformation. Its market size is about 2.5 billion yuan.

Automotive Lighting:

At present, automotive applications mainly include interior lighting and signal lights. With the breakthrough of power LED technology. The future headlights will also use LEDs as the primary light source.

In 2008, the LED market for car lights (excluding headlights) was about 1 billion yuan. It is becoming an important application market for LEDs.

Special lighting:

With the flashlight, miner's lamp, explosion-proof lights, navigation lights and other special lighting field, the popularity of LED products. LED has gradually replaced other lighting sources as the mainstream of such products; solar lighting, stage lighting, ship lights, emergency lighting, reading desk lamps and other uses of LED lamps has also rapidly increased; UV disinfection, medical, agricultural and other emerging applications The market is also forming. In 2008, the market size of LED special lighting products was about 2 billion yuan.

LED street light:

In 2008, the market size of LED functional lighting products was about 1 billion yuan. The use of municipal lighting has grown rapidly. Which mainly LED lights. About half of the market. According to statistics from the China Municipal Engineering Association Urban Road Lighting Professional Committee. In 2008, the total number of street lights in China was about 15 million, and about 2 million new street lights will be added each year. According to the current development speed and trend to predict. The government can effectively guide and promote energy conservation and emission reduction. LED street lamps will become the largest application area and market for LEDs.

LED tunnel light:

China is the country with the largest number of tunnels in the world. In 2007 there were 4,673 tunnels. The tunnel length is 2,555,500 linear meters. According to "Traffic Lighting Design Guidelines for Highway Tunnels (JTJ026.1-1999)". Tunnel lighting (calculated with an average length of 547 meters) requires 1.6 million baht. Currently. More than 10 provinces and cities such as Shanghai, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Jiangxi, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Chongqing, Anhui, Guangdong and Fujian. A pilot application of about 12 and 30 kilometers of LED tunnel lights has been conducted and good energy-saving results have been achieved. The application of LED tunnel lights contains a huge market potential.

Subway lighting:

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and other places have begun to use LED functional lighting products in the subway pedestrian walkways, platforms, carriages, light boxes and other parts. From the perspective of China's planning to prepare for construction and cities that have built rail transit. In the future, LED subway lighting will also become a very important application market.

Landscape Lighting:

Semiconductor lighting has the characteristics of power saving, change, bright colors and long life. Nanjing Plzen is widely used in landscape lighting projects. In 2008, the scale of the domestic landscape and decorative lighting market was 13 billion yuan Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger The application of LED landscape lighting in the Beijing Olympic Games was only 500 million yuan. With the construction of Shanghai World Expo 2010 and the acceleration of urbanization, the application of Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger unit LED in landscape lighting will further increase its proportion.

LED display:

The LED display market in 2008 was about 10 billion yuan. With the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games and other major tournaments to organize and prepare plate heat exchanger stadiums, airports, railway stations, banks, hospitals, public squares, commercial venues, residential communities, large-scale application of plate heat exchanger units LED display market applications continue to expand.

Digital display and instructions for home appliances:

In 2008, the digital display and indication market for LED home appliances was 2 billion yuan. As the government launched the "home appliances to the countryside" and other policies to promote and improve the living standards of urban residents. LED signal and indication modules are necessary accessories for digital home appliances Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers have also won development opportunities.

Backlights for mobile phones, computers, etc.:

In 2008, the market size of LED backlights for mobile phones, mp4s, computers, and televisions was 10 billion yuan. With the continuous development of liquid crystal display technology, Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger units are also expanding their applications. The backlight industry presents a prosperous scene. Replacement of CCFLs (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps) has gradually begun. Become a backlight development trend.

Gas station and underground parking lot lighting:

In 2008, the number of Chinese civilian cars was more than 20 million. For example, use 20% of civilian cars to use underground parking calculations. At the same time, according to "architectural lighting design standards." Each year, the underground parking lot requires 2 million fluorescent lamps of 36W; each domestic gas station uses 10盏 ceramic metal halide lamps and light boxes for lighting. There are about 94,000 gas stations in China. Although this aspect of development and application is still just starting. But the potential is huge.

Expected in 2010. The overall scale of China's semiconductor lighting market will reach 100 billion yuan. LED backlight market will exceed the landscape lighting. Become the largest application area. The market size of functional and general lighting will also grow rapidly. It is estimated that the annual compound annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015 is expected to reach 40%. In 2015, the industrial scale will reach 500 billion yuan. With the further development of technology. The future market structure of LED applications will also have greater changes.

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