Dehao Runda Wuhu Subsidiary received a financial subsidy of 100 million yuan from the government

Dehao Runda issued a notice saying that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Wuhu Dehao Runda Optoelectronics Technology, received a subsidy of RMB 100 million from the Wuhu Municipal Government on March 28, 2012.

According to the announcement, the Wuhu Municipal Government has given Wuhu Dehao Runda a “Technology Three” subsidy in 2012, which is based on the company’s LED industry, LED chip, LED chip, LED package and application. Investment to support the company's investment and development in technology research and development, intermediate testing and other aspects.

According to the accounting standards, the subsidy received this time is a government subsidy related to income, which will be included in the current profit and loss when it is received, so it will have a significant positive impact on the company's 2012 earnings. However, the company's accounting treatment for the current period of profit and loss will still be subject to the results of the annual audit of the accountant, and investors are advised to pay attention to investment risks.

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