NVC lighting listed new LED bulbs

NVC Lighting has launched a number of high-end LED indoor lighting series products, including LED light bulbs with an E27 lamp head with a light distribution angle of 320°. The product has the same light distribution angle as the incandescent bulb. Previously, the LED bulb was criticized on the market due to its small illumination angle. This product has met the market demand in a timely manner and can match the lighting effect of incandescent bulbs.
Figure 1: LED bulb with a light distribution angle of 320°
The biggest feature of this LED bulb is the diffusion device using "Remote Phosphor" technology in the bulb (hemispherical lampshade). A plurality of blue LED particles are disposed at the bottom of the bulb diffusing device, and the blue light is converted into white light by a diffusion device of a specific design curved surface containing a yellow phosphor. From the light exit surface of the diffusing device, the light barring phenomenon of each LED package device is not seen, and uniform light can be irradiated.
Figure 2: Product structure. The left side is a new product. The central yellow part is a diffusion device using the "Remote Phosphor" technology, and the right side is the original product.
An optimized design of the bulb is disposed outside the diffusing device, and in order to achieve a half-light intensity of more than 300°, a new coating capable of diffusing light is coated on the inner surface of the bulb. At the same time, in order to make the light reach a larger angle after the divergence of the bulb, the shape of the radiator of the bulb is also specially designed according to the emission path of the light, thereby achieving the same degree of large angle as the incandescent bulb. Light distribution. At the same time, it meets the requirements of the United States Department of Energy (DOE) for the replacement of incandescent lamps, and exceeds the China Quality Certification Center (CQC) CQC3130-2011 non-directional self-ballasted LED lamp energy-saving certification technical specifications for general lighting Light distribution requirements for light distribution non-directional self-ballasted LED lamps.
Figure 3: The principle of expanding the light distribution. Diffusion device and high scattering blister using "Remote Phosphor" technology
Figure 4: Temperature profile

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