Discard Android? Sony will push Vita system phone/tablet

Discard Android? Sony will push Vita system phone/tablet Although there was a huge loss, Sony still showed considerable interest in the field of smartphones and tablets. Recently, Kazuo Hiroyuki, who will be the president and CEO of Sony, said in an interview with the media that they intend to introduce the Vita OS system to smart phones and flat panels.

Hirai Kazuo said that Vita OS is not an entertainment platform, but a mobile multimedia entertainment platform, so in addition to PS Vita, it can also play an important role in smart phones and tablets.

In fact, although Vita OS can be ported to other mobile terminals, SGE Senior Vice President Ji Ganghao also disclosed that they will not implement the plan immediately.

Some analysts believe that Sony's influence in the game field will become a decisive advantage, so they give up Android and it is not impossible to concentrate on promoting Vita OS.

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