Cree Introduces 50A Silicon Carbide Power Devices for Low Cost and High Energy Efficiency

Cree will redefine the performance and energy efficiency of high-power applications and introduce a new product line, the 50A silicon carbide power device. The product line includes not only the industry's first 1700V Z-FETTM silicon carbide MOSFET device, but also 1200V Z-FETTM silicon carbide MOSFET devices and three Z-Rec® silicon carbide Schottky diodes to deliver record energy efficiency and A lower cost of ownership than traditional technology has created a new generation of power systems.

Cree's new 50A silicon carbide devices include 40mΩ 1700V MOSFET devices, 25mΩ 1200V MOSFET devices, and 50A/1700V, 50A/1200V and 50A/650V Schottky diodes. Samples and basic data sheets are available in the product range and are expected to be in volume production in the fall of 2012.

Cree 50A silicon carbide power devices are designed in the form of bare chips for high power module applications such as solar power inverters, uninterruptible power supplies and motor drives. This type of device enables power electronics engineers to set new standards for system cost of ownership with smaller size, lower bill of materials, and greater efficiency.

Cree said that large-size chips can realize more advantages, enabling silicon carbide MOSFET devices to be used in higher power applications, thus being able to replace inefficient conventional silicon IGBT devices in high-power, high-voltage applications. The introduction of this family of high-rated silicon carbide devices has kept Cree's first-ever tradition in silicon carbide technology, such as the industry's first 1200V silicon carbide MOSFET device and the first mass-produced 1200V and 1700V silicon carbide Schottky diodes.

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