NEXCOM launches NDiS 161 digital media player

In the Rave Theater, which ranks fifth in the US box office revenue, its digital signage network has been deployed to 67 locations. These digital signage networks not only provide relevant information and entertainment information, but more importantly, digital networks provide customers with a rich visual experience. From the moment you step into the cinema, an immersive feeling will come to life.

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In order to give customers an immersive digital experience, Rave Cinema made an extremely important decision: cancel the static lightbox advertisement and replace it with a vivid dynamic picture, which was also completed thanks to digital signage. It is the digital signage network integrated box office system, which is integrated with multimedia technology, and then released and processed in the form of media, and its publicity effect is greatly enhanced. The lobby's guidance system display can also help customers quickly find the movie they want to watch and provide the current state of the auditorium (eg, seat, cleanliness, movies being released, etc.). During the movie slot, the digital signage in the retail service area will display instant food and beverage promotion information. With the advent of the digital age, traditional posters will be replaced by digital signage that supports full HD video playback.

It is the real-time digital media enterprise NEOCAST® platform, coupled with the NEXCOM NDiS 161 digital media player, to create this fascinating new experience. NEXCOM NDiS 161 digital media player supports a variety of video formats, can play full HD content, high reliability, based on this, real-time digital media and Rave chose NEXCOM NDiS 161.
The NDiS 161 digital media player can display text messages, rich media information, and high-definition 1080P video, and the content displayed through the NDiS 161 media player will be more attractive than traditional static lightbox ads. At the same time, the NDiS 161 is fanless and provides dust protection, which combines high reliability and long service life.

Another feature of the NDiS 161 is the ease of network connectivity, allowing Rave's operations centers in Dallas, Texas to be remotely managed via the NEXCOM Digital Media Player. As a result, Rave can monitor, update, and manage the content displayed on digital signage in real time from thousands of miles away.

A movie is an art that interacts with various sensory experiences. Thanks to the NEXCOM NDiS 161 digital media player, a new visual art experience kicked off and spread in Las Vegas never sleeps...

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