Former Sony PlayStation Business Executive Joins Microsoft Xbox

Former Sony PlayStation Business Executive Joins Microsoft Xbox According to foreign news reports, Microsoft confirmed yesterday that Phil Harrison, the former president of Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Global Studios, has joined the Microsoft Xbox team as the head of Microsoft's European interactive entertainment business.

As a senior executive of European Interactive Entertainment, Harrison will lead Microsoft's European studio organization and supervise British game developers Lionhead Studios, Soho Productions and Rare.

Harrison worked at Sony and Atari and served as president of SCE Global Studio at Sony. He worked for Sony for more than 15 years, handled Sony consoles for many generations, and promoted the PlayStation brand at E3 Games. For the first time, he showed the world PS3 consoles and Rubber Duck games in real time. He left Sony in 2008 and joined Atari as a non-executive director.

“I am very pleased to be able to join the Microsoft senior team at the critical moment of the transformation of the industry. I am impressed by Microsoft’s long-term vision to promote the global interactive entertainment market and the incredible technology, talent and resources needed to deliver success,” said Harrison. .

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s studio vice president, said that Harrison’s work experience at Sony is well suited to the Xbox team. “We are honored that Harrison has joined the Xbox team. He is a true visionary in the video game world. His experience can supervise global studios. The deep industry background makes him the most suitable candidate to lead the European sector.” Spencer said .

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