Multi-vendors invest in AMOLEDs to break the monopoly of Korean factories

At present, the global AMOLED market is almost exclusively occupied by the Korean factory Samsung Mobile Display. It mainly supplies the demand for the panel of Samsung Electronics' mobile phone department. Therefore, since mass production in 2007, after years of research and development and adjustment process, the current production yield has exceeded 80%.

In the future, Taiwan Display AUO, Chi Mei Electric and Japan Display, which are integrated by three small and medium-sized panel manufacturers in Japan, will all be put into mass production of small and medium-sized AMOLED panels to challenge the oligopolistic position of the Korean factory. In the short term, the small and medium size AMOLED panels of various manufacturers will still be produced by the traditional LTPS TFT with vacuum evaporation process.

Another large Korean manufacturer, LG Display, will extend its reach to large-size AMOLED panels and will produce them on the 8.5-generation line (2200mm x 2500mm). Among them, LG Display owns the patent of white-light AMOLED with color filter technology and adopts metal oxide TFT drive. Samsung Mobile Display initially adopts the traditional process, and will introduce its own SGS (Super Grain Silicon) process to produce LTPS TFT. Produced with Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging (LITI) or Nozzle Printing, developed by DuPont. However, since the oxide semiconductor can be produced by using an existing a-Si TFT LCD machine, the initial equipment investment cost can be reduced, and a better yield advantage can be obtained, and it is advantageous to produce a large-sized AMOLED by this technology in a short period of time.

BAM power transmission capacitors

BAM Power Transmission Capacitors

BAM power transmission capacitors