Guangdong lacks electricity or exceeds 6 million kilowatts this year

Guangdong has experienced the “most serious shortage of electricity in the past decade” and it is still not easy to use electricity this year. The reporter learned from the 2012 work conference of the Guangdong Power Grid Corporation on February 15 that due to lack of water and coal, it will continue to lack of electricity this year, and the gap will exceed 6 million kilowatts.

The relevant person in charge of the Guangdong Power Grid stated that the electricity demand analysis report from the Guangdong Power Grid Company showed that the demand for electricity in Guangdong this year will be affected by the general trend of economic decline, and the growth rate will slow down, but it will be affected by lack of coal, water, electricity, and temperature. Affected by factors such as perennial and other factors, the whole year will continue to lack of electricity. It is expected that the province's maximum load can reach 87 million kilowatts, a net increase of 7.1 million kilowatts from last year, and the maximum gap will reach 6 million to 10 million kilowatts.

Faced with the severe power supply and demand situation, the responsible person stated that he will take steps to expand power purchase channels, tap power generation capabilities of the province's generators, and accelerate the construction of key projects, and do a good job of monitoring and early warning of coal, water, and loads, and strive for Greater power supply support, to the maximum extent to protect the orderly supply of Guangdong Electric.

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