State Grid: Solving the problem of 400,000 people without electricity in 2012

The State Grid Corporation of China released the “2011 Social Responsibility Report” today and stated that in 2012, 96,000 households with more than 400,000 people without electricity would be able to solve electricity problems, and at the same time accelerate the construction of a strong smart grid and complete grid investment of more than 300 billion yuan.

The State Grid Corporation of China issued the 2011 Social Responsibility Report in the form of a video conference call today. This is the first social responsibility report for the “12th Five-Year Plan” and is also the seventh annual report issued by the company. The report points out that at present, the economic strength and social contribution of central enterprises are all in the most prominent period in history, but they are facing an unprecedented grim public opinion environment. This great contrast has a direct bearing on the development concepts, modes of thinking, and modes of social communication of the central enterprises. The State Grid Corporation of China believes that the requirements for transparency and communication of central enterprises in today’s society and the general public have evolved from “event-based communication and supervision” to “integral communication and supervision that returns to the origin”. The public needs are Understand the intrinsic relationship between the development of central enterprises and their lives, and understand the necessity and necessity of the existence of central enterprises. The central enterprises must base themselves on the national conditions and social development stages to speak of the root causes of their own existence and output new values. They must not stop at pure work propaganda, performance expression, or defense of certain events. The State Grid Corporation of China hopes to take the lead in issuing special reports such as the White Paper on Green Development, White Paper on corporate value, and continuously publishing annual social responsibility reports. It will communicate rationally with all sectors of society and promote the establishment of trust and cooperation based on value recognition. Promote sustainable development.

The “2011 Social Responsibility Report” system fully elaborated the concept of corporate social responsibility and made “Ten Major Commitments” to the 2012 State Grid Corporation of Conduct.

1. Accelerate the construction of a strong smart grid and complete grid investment of more than 300 billion yuan.

2. Give full play to the functions of the power grid, and the national power market has a trading volume of more than 410 billion kilowatt-hours.

3. Deepen management innovation and efficient operation, and comprehensively develop the "Three Sets and Five Majors" management system.

4. Carry out research on key technologies and key equipments, and spend R&D funds of 8 billion yuan for the whole year.

5. To ensure safe and reliable power supply, the city's annual average outage time from the 7-hour mark entered the 6-hour mark, and the rural average annual power-down time decreased by more than 5 hours.

6. Promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, plan the implementation of a new electrified area electricity project during the "12th Five-Year Plan" period, and solve the problem of electricity consumption for the 2.075 million people without electricity. It is estimated that in 2012, 96,000 households with over 400,000 people without electricity will be solved Electricity problem.

7. Further enhance the transparency of company operations.

8. To promote international operations to a new level and operate well in the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal and other international businesses.

9. Carry out “one community and one community” activities to create sustainable public service brands.

10. Deepen comprehensive social responsibility management and operate in a responsible manner for people, the environment, and the global society.

The scope of this video conference call covers all departments and branches of the State Grid Corporation of China, power supply companies of all provinces, prefectures (prefectures) and counties, and all directly-affiliated entities. This reflects the implementation of the concept of social responsibility by the State Grid Corporation of China and explores and implements comprehensive social responsibility management. The rooted in the company's confidence in management and management of all aspects of corporate social responsibility and determination, highlighting the company's ambitions to demonstrate the commitment and pursuit of central enterprises.

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