iPhone block road, Apple Watch future 渺茫

According to foreign media reports, Apple Watch officially appeared at the new product launch conference held by Apple last month. The problem that the author wants to raise is that it seems that the biggest stumbling block on the road of Apple Watch development is Apple's fist product iPhone.

According to Cook, Apple Watch has become one of the outside world's attention windows for Apple's future development strategy for many years, and Apple Watch will also represent the "start of the next Apple legend." In fact, Apple Watch became the embodiment of Apple's multiple development strategies and product ideas three years ago, when Steve Jobs had just passed away.

Apple Watch is the first product launched by Cook and Apple Design Director Ai Wei without the influence of Jobs. Therefore, Apple Watch has a strong personal style of Cook and Aiwei, and it is also from Apple Watch. I can't see anything that can be associated with Jobs.

Apple Watch is also a concrete attempt by Apple to enter the market and intend to lead the wearable market. Nowadays, the competition in the global smart phone market is already fierce. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and wearable technology, these two factors are the behind-the-scenes pushers for Apple to develop Apple Watch. Apple’s strategic positioning of the Apple Watch in the post-iPhone era can also be See how much emphasis it attaches to this product.

On the surface, the iPhone should be the most powerful backing for the Apple Watch. Apple has previously emphasized that Apple Watch and iPhone must complement each other, which means that Apple Watch should always hold the iPhone's hand to let the "big brother" lead the way. Apple Watch will be officially launched in 2015, but millions of loyal fruit powders are eager to become Apple Watch users. In my opinion, Apple should not be too excited about the above incidents, because for other billions of users, Apple Watch's excessive dependence on the iPhone may become its fatal weakness.

In the short term, Apple has enough ability to convince consumers (especially iPhone users) to buy an Apple Watch. There have been rumors that Apple will put the health care application into the Apple Watch, but this feature has not attracted too many health care watch users. Before Apple, there were already companies like Fitbit and Pebble that launched similar products and absorbed a large number of loyal customers. From this aspect, Apple's competitive environment will not make it feel better.

On the other hand, Apple's mobile payment service Apple Pay will also be embedded in Apple Watch, and Apple regards this as a selling point for Apple Watch. However, the author believes that the addition of Apple Pay is not enough to make consumers feel the need to use Apple Watch, because Apple Pay can run smoothly on the iPhone. Apple is also considering Apple Watch will become a fashion consumer goods, but from a fashion point of view, Apple Watch is eligible to enter the fashion industry has been questioned.

Making Apple Watch more free to develop is the smart move Apple should make. It has been proven that even products like the iPhone can't avoid the fate of being chilled, and companies and products that rely on the iPhone to survive and grow stronger are not immune. For products like Apple Watch, I believe that Apple should not force it to be bundled with the iPhone. Instead, Apple Watch should be given more independent growth space. What kind of relationship will be maintained between Apple Watch and iPhone in the future, and whether Apple Watch needs the care of iPhone to be successful is worth waiting for.

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