Directly block trigger pulses and emergency braking measures to quickly implement protection

Electric shock circuit board, its function is to control the bidirectional thyristor voltage zero-crossing trigger, current zero-crossing off. The protection board is composed of a three-phase current unbalance protection circuit slider limit protection circuit of a motor temperature rise protection circuit. When the press's extreme pressure machinery is abnormal, the immediate protection of the trigger pulse and emergency braking measures is used to quickly implement protection, which can protect the bidirectional thyristor and the safety of the press. The working process of the single-touch non-contact control device is as follows. Place the function selection switch in the singles position and press the start button of a singles. The brake on the press is first released, and then the control circuit outputs a pulse signal. After the zero trigger circuit, the The bidirectional thyristor is turned on, the motor rotates forward, and the slider descends. When the motion system reaches the required energy, the trigger is stopped, the thyristor is cut off, and the motor is powered off. The slider inertia hits downward. When the slider approaches the bottom dead center position, a magnetic proximity switch acts. After a short delay, the triac is triggered to turn on, the motor reverses, and the slider moves up. This short delay function is set to make full use of the rebound energy of the motion system.

Power supply voltage effective value rated current The rated current of the bidirectional thyristor is the rms value of the sinusoidal full wave rms value, which can be selected according to the maximum starting current of the electric screw press. Since the starting current decays rapidly with time, the component does not heat up seriously. Experiments show that the double-sentence SCR selected according to this method only needs natural air cooling. The gate trigger voltage and current bidirectional thyristors are prone to dry triggering and cause false triggering, and the device uses a strong trigger circuit of one way, so the selection of the gate trigger voltage and current should not be too low to improve the resistance to dry twisting . The critical current rise rate of off-state voltage is that the load current of the inductive load lags the power supply voltage by a bamboo shoot. When the load current crosses zero, the instantaneous voltage received by the forging and pressing machinery at both ends of the bidirectional thyristor is a certain value in the reverse direction, The rate of voltage rise during current flow is high. If the value exceeds the limit that the bidirectional thyristor can bear, it is equivalent to the role of the gate electrode to generate current at an angle, which will cause reverse reverse turn-on and fail the commutation. Especially in reversible conversion, preventing mis-opening is one of the key issues of working reliability.

High quality LED Aquarium Light good for coral growth

Help the coral reef grow 

Economical Long life,low power consumption,high efficiency and cool operating temperatures.
LED is a cost effective choice for your Coral reef/aquarium/fish tank needs.
Long Lifetime
Recommended useful lifetime of 50,000 hours for LED lights the equivalent of burning a light.
18 hours/day, 365 days/year for seven years and seven months.
Energy Efficient
To save 70~85% on power over HID lighting, plus reduce or eliminate power consumption.
No need extra blowers and air conditioning systems.
Coral Reef's Friend
98% of the light emitted from LED were absorbed by Coral and other water plants.
Only 10% of the power used and about 35% of the light generated by metal halide lamps is useful to plant growth.
Low Heat Output
LED lights produce very little heat. In most situations, no special ventilation or air conditioning is needed.
The temperature of our LED Lights are controlled by normal residential AC/heating and a ceiling fan.

Warranty: 3 years 
Safe Voltage: Low voltage output to ensure safety. 
one led burns out won't effect the other chips
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Aquarium Light

Aquarium Light

Aquarium Light

Aquarium Light

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1 X Led Aquarium Light

1 X Free Hanging Kit

1X Free Power Cord

Aquarium Light

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Aquarium Light


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Aquarium Light

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Aquarium Light

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