LED lighting technology is maturing and the industry is more promising

As incandescent lamps have become history, LED lighting technology has entered the home from commercial use. With continuous technological advancement, the LED lighting industry will surely become a new growth point for the future electronic information industry. It is understood that the global lighting power consumption is 20% of the total annual electricity consumption, of which up to 90% of the electricity is converted into heat energy consumption, and LED lighting equipment is getting more and more globally due to its energy saving and environmental protection characteristics. Many recognitions, many domestic companies hope to share this cake. “The country is very supportive of the popularization of LED lighting technology, and has carried out pilot projects for ten cities and ten thousand projects.” Shanghai Ming Fen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. gold medal told reporters. As a strategic emerging industry for energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lighting has been highly valued by the state and local governments at all levels.

It is understood that the advantages of LED lighting are outstanding. LED lamps have high luminous efficiency and long life, and their luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times that of fluorescent lamps and 13 times that of incandescent lamps. At present, LED lighting technology has been widely used in various provinces and cities across the country, and only 8,000 LED street lights have been installed in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In addition, "LED technology content is relatively high, such as the realization of people and light interaction, people and architecture interaction, decorative is very strong, deeply loved by shop owners." Yuanchuang Guangyi LED application design company staff told reporters. The energy crisis and the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection have made the global LED lighting market more promising. Stimulated by the dual interests of the market and regulations, the global LED industry is growing rapidly.

As the voice of global energy conservation and emission reduction is getting higher and higher, not only the countries and regions where the above-mentioned LED lighting industry is developed, the demand for LED products in other countries is also growing. It can be seen from the world's largest lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany in recent years, LED has occupied the absolute dominant position of the exhibition, and various new LED products are emerging one after another. At present, the global semiconductor lighting industry has formed a three-pronged industrial distribution and competition pattern in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Asia is dominated by Japan, South Korea, and China. The United States and Japan are world leaders in upstream chip equipment; the strength of upstream chips and midstream packaging in Taiwan is not to be underestimated; in Europe, traditional lighting giants such as Philips and Osram have entered the LED lighting industry.

At present, the development of LED lighting in China is in full swing, and the number of companies entering the field is growing linearly, leading to extremely chaotic market. Most of the LED lighting is used in commercial customers. Because the high price restricts its popularity among the mass consumers, if it can reduce the existing price by more than 30%, it is possible to make LEDs occupy more in the lighting market. Share. Therefore, how to improve the technological content of LED lighting and reduce costs has become the key to the future of enterprises. Due to the abnormal development between the industrial chains, the disconnection phenomenon is more serious, and the emergence of benefits has great obstacles. Only input and no output have been seen. The blind investment in the downstream greatly reduces the profit margin of the market. The more intense the competition, the smaller the market profitable space. The price war is extremely unfavorable for the development of emerging industries, which will weaken the competitiveness of high-quality enterprises to a certain extent. The competitive order of the entire market.

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