Smart home platform is now "three countries kill" domestic giants follow the trend

When the smart single product and the smart home system are arguing endlessly, the smart home platform suddenly has a bloody road and become a kind of smart home development model in 2014. Among them, Jingdong, Tencent and Baidu are typical representatives of building a smart home platform. .

At the end of June this year, Alibaba's main competitor Jingdong released a super APP product "Jingdong" cloud service, and at the end of October, Jingdong officially released its first intelligent hardware management platform "Super APP". Jingdong Smart Cloud Super App consists of four sections: smart home, healthy living, car service and cloud space. Whether it is home equipment, car equipment or wearable equipment, you can achieve unified management through Super APP. Of course, Jingdong’s move also requires the cooperation of third parties to join the Jingdong intelligent cloud platform. Haier, Hisense, TCL, Huawei, Lenovo and many other vendors are important partners. In fact, the identity of is a major advantage in attracting third-party cooperation because it helps third parties promote and market smart hardware.

Smart home platform is now "three countries kill" domestic giants follow the trend

On the same day that Jingdong officially released the intelligent hardware management platform, Tencent launched the QQ IoT social intelligence hardware open platform. Unlike, which relies heavily on e-commerce platform integration hardware, Tencent's huge advantage lies in its excellent social applications. “Work with all hardware vendors to quickly reach 200 million QQ active users and 400 million WeChat users, including daily distribution. Achieve 100 million application treasures, realize the distribution of software products and help third-party hardware vendors to sell hardware in this way, and the third parties include Intel, NXP, Qualcomm, Konka and other well-known hardware manufacturers at home and abroad.

Recently, Baidu's smart Internet open platform - Baidu Zhijia also low-key online. Baidu Zhijia launched the "open router platform" for the first time. Through "small routing", Baidu hopes to provide users with download, storage, remote communication and user authentication, as well as the interoperability of smart home devices. Of course, the open platform of Baidu Zhijia is not limited to routers. According to Baidu's plan, the open agreements for smart sockets, weight scales, air conditioners and other home devices will also be launched one after another. The same Baidu also has partners, Lenovo and Lei. Branch, Haier, Iqiyi, Foxconn, Guanlin, etc. have joined Baidu's intelligent Internet open platform.

Strictly speaking, these three smart home platforms are not the same. The “roots” they rely on are very different. Jingdong relies on e-commerce platforms, Tencent relies on social platforms, and Baidu relies on search platforms. However, the common point of this smart home platform is also obvious. There are four main aspects: First, although the specific business is different, the main body is the Internet technology company; the second is to build a smart home platform, layout In the field of smart homes; thirdly, not everyone is fighting, they all have their own partners; fourth, they are self-directed, but they must be able to drive the marketing of partner hardware through their own influence.

Is there a lot of coincidences, is it purely coincidental? I am afraid not always. People who are concerned about the smart home industry can easily find that several common points of these smart home platforms are somewhat similar. That's right, Apple's smart home platform Homekit is almost exactly the same layout mode.

In early June of this year, Apple launched its own smart home platform, Homekit, at WWDC (Apple Global Developers Conference), announcing its formal entry into the smart home field. As an application suite, Homekit is part of Apple's new system IOS8, which integrates the siri voice function, allowing users to control and manage smart door locks, lighting devices, thermostats, smoke detectors, smart appliances, etc. in their homes through Apple hardware devices. Devices that make the user's smart life easier. The key issue is that Apple itself does not have smart home hardware. The hardware is also provided by third parties. The partners include iDevices, iHome, CREE, August, Marvel, PHILIPS, Withings, BROADCOM, etc.

Internet technology companies, the layout of smart homes, and their own collaborators, how does Apple bring "welfare" to partners? In fact, this is not difficult to understand. For third-party collaborators, being able to be mentioned by Apple and being able to establish a partnership with them is a promotion, and certainly not so. With the smart door lock August, the brand's smart door lock has long been famous, but it has not been sold. When it officially entered the store this year, the store that entered the store, in addition to its official website, also has an Apple retail store. I am afraid this is also an important reason why Apple can cooperate with August.

To build a smart home platform, Apple is not the first person to “eat crabs”, but the development model of smart home platform has become popular because of it. At least before and after Apple’s news of building a smart home platform, no company can grab smart with Apple. Home headlines, the strength of the limelight can even be compared with Google's purchase of Nest at the beginning of 3.2 billion US dollars. Apple may not consider "empty gloves and white wolves", but mutual cooperation and resource interoperability are definitely important strategies for its rapid development of smart home.

It's hard to say that the creation model of the domestic smart home platform is completely follow-up, but it is hard to be convinced that they are original models. However, it is said that it is based on Apple's creation of the smart home platform model, and the combination of its own actual "innovation" should be acceptable, the situation is similar to QQ to ICQ, Baidu to google. Although the smart home platform has helped Internet technology companies enter the smart home field, they have to admit that smart homes that are better at smart homes are still “in the original” smart home businesses.

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