Elite gathering to explore cutting-edge technology for intelligent lighting - ETD No. 11

On October 25th, Electronic E-Commerce Network ETD No. 11: Intelligent Lighting System Technology Salon of IoT Architecture was held as scheduled. The guest of this issue is Tang Shiping, R&D Director of Longli Intelligent Technology. More than 20 listeners attended the event and gathered Shenzhen LED. Terminal manufacturers, Led Power Supply manufacturers, lighting solution providers, and IoT technology associations and other related technical personnel.

During the meeting, Tang Shiping gradually discussed the topic with vivid and humorous speeches and won applause from the crowd. The technicians at the scene also raised questions and pushed the meeting to a climax.

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ETD 11th Intelligent Lighting Salon

Tang Shiping said that the future of home, city and business are inseparable from intelligent lighting, but there is a difference in the demand for these three links. For home lighting, smart lighting requires easy handling, color personality, and energy-saving features; commercial and urban lighting require more automation and lower cost. In addition, Tang Shiping also said that based on the Internet of Things architecture, the terminal (lights, sensors) and human terminals can be effectively combined through cloud control technology to form a complete intelligent lighting control system.

Internet of Things Architecture

At the same time, Tang Shiping pointed out that the PLC (Power Line Carrier Communication) architecture does not require additional IoT cabling, strong anti-interference and high security. Compared with the current hot Zigbbe technology, there are many advantages, such as: communication delay, coverage, cost. , anti-interference ability and data security; of course, zigbee, PLC who is more suitable for the IoT infrastructure, ultimately depends on the market and customer needs.

As a guest, Longli Intelligent Technology provided its technicians with the recently developed PLC module, which is convenient for everyone to carry out more technical research and development and testing.

PLC module

Longli Intelligent Technology PLC Module

PLC parameters

PLC module technical parameters

Finally, the audience at the scene discussed the application trend of intelligent lighting and power line carrier communication.

Longli Intelligent Technology Tang Shiping Answer

Tang always answers questions for field technicians

On-site Q & A

On-site audience comments

Discussion after the meeting

After the meeting, the participants actively participated in the discussion.

group photo

Participants take a group photo

Communicate with guests

After the meeting, the audience exchanged with the guests.

Audience exchanges with each other

After the meeting, the audience exchanged with each other.

About ETD

ETD: ElecFans Tech Day is an offline communication event organized by Electronic Enthusiasts Network in 2013. The cycle is one or two times a month. Each issue focuses on one topic, and the scope involves embedded. , power management, open source hardware, intelligent hardware, LED and other related fields of electronic technology.

Each ETD will invite 1-2 electronics industry experts to share the achievements and practical experience in various technical fields. The activities are mainly for engineers, technical leaders, project managers and other industry and technical personnel. We focus on technology, advocate sharing, promote communication, openness, innovation, communication and community power.

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Speech ppt download:
Intelligent lighting system of the Internet of Things architecture PLC module detailed parameters

For more questions about IoT and smart lighting, please pay attention to this issue of E , and interact with experts online!

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