Outdoor lighting: the perfect combination of art and technology

Ding Jian, architect and lighting designer of the Ninth Design Institute of Shaanxi Architectural Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd.; national second-level registered lighting designer; professional member of Chinese Lighting Designers Association
Hou Linnan, Design Director of Xi'an Laiting Lighting Engineering Design Co., Ltd.; Senior Member of Chinese Lighting Designers Association (CLDA); National Senior Lighting Designer, engaged in lighting industry for 8 years, was responsible for many national lighting design projects.
Integrate ideas and find common goals
Hou Linnan: Light brings light, and this industry can make a little contribution to the society, and the social responsibility is strong. My design is inspired by the accumulation of life, what I see and hear, and my interpretation of lighting design. In 2006, I was engaged in outdoor lighting design. Nowadays, with the rapid development of LED, many products can support the realization of ideas. Maintaining originality is the primary consideration in design.
Ding Jian: I am studying architecture, so the design style is technical. The first thing to consider in outdoor lighting design is the format of the building, the form of the building and the connotation behind it. When I started designing independently in 2002, I met Hou Linnan. Because his first major was oil painting, the design style was artistic, so we hit it off. He made the pre-design, and I did the basic design. After several years of cooperation and exchange, we strive to develop in the direction of professional and digital lighting.
Hou Linnan: Ding Jian is a very rigorous designer. It is not easy for two different styles of designers to work together. In the design process, we will write down our own ideas, integrate the ideas, and do lighting design around the big direction. One of the common goals is to give the carrier a soul.
Lighting design should highlight the charm of the building
Ding Construction: A good designer will do some design. The design language comes from life, serves life, and pays attention to natural unity. For designers to have great development, they must communicate across industries and understand various industries. Lighting space affects the construction industry and affects the visual space. Many carriers need lights to reflect the soul. The guiding and functional aspects of the landscape are subject to certain standards. As an outdoor landscape, a landscape, a building, has a language for the carrier. Chang'an Tower is designed by Academician Zhang Jinqiu, the only female architect in China. The architectural design not only maintains the charm of the Sangtang Guta, but also uses new technology and new technical materials to express it. It is an eternal architectural landscape that can be handed down. When doing the lighting design of this project, we fully understand the structure and material of the building, analyze the historical and cultural precipitation of the building, determine the final lighting design, and strive to highlight the unique charm of each building, especially the construction. The plan is to be integrated with the building itself.
Digital and domestic standards are used to define lighting standards. Good designers use data to make designs more detailed and refined. For example, the brightness of a store, after entering the store, the light will bring people's eyes into a visual focus, the degree of reduction of the visual focus color is higher. The comfort and guidance of the lighting is achieved through the design language.
Lighting designers need to intervene in advance
Hou Linnan: Before doing lighting design, designers should intervene in advance in engineering, including pipeline pre-buried, etc., because lighting is the last link. If you want to do well, you should intervene earlier to understand the engineering dynamics. If the pre-buried is not in place, the installation space of the luminaire is small, and the designer's design essence cannot be reflected. Professionalism is reflected by early prediction.
In some projects, use the most appropriate method to create lighting, try not to cause light pollution. One of my design works is the two rivers and four lakes in Guilin. I was inspired by the colorful city of Guilin. I wanted to restore the true colors of Guilin when I was lighting.
Lighting design should keep pace with the times
Hou Linnan: At the beginning of 2014, I saw some foreign lighting design works in Germany. The foreign designs are mostly pure designs. The lighting design made by the Germans does not have many stories, and most of them present their own characteristics. Lighting design changes with the city and the carrier. I hope to develop a special lighting design style.
Ding Construction: There are many ancient buildings in Xi'an. My design is to express the architectural form first, and use the light to express the feeling of the 21st century. The current professionalism of Xi'an lighting designers needs to be improved. In the future, we will continue to be professional and technical in our design. We will use our professional design language and ideas to combine artistic style to impress the owners, and finally use lighting to create the best visual space. Lighting design has risen to a professional level. If you want to go long-term, you must keep up with the times and learn across borders.
Establish the concept of light, fully grasp the created light environment, thoroughly analyze the architecture and surrounding environment and cultural characteristics, pursue the perfect integration of lighting and architecture, and make the lighting become the visual art under the night. This is Hou Linnan and Ding Jianwei. The perfect interpretation of outdoor lighting. When designing a lighting solution for a carrier, it is important to emphasize the best visual comfort, while highlighting the key lighting and characteristic lighting areas, causing people to be interested in a certain point, making it the visual focus of the area. In outdoor lighting design, lighting is not only a means to highlight the various carriers, but also an external image of art and culture.

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