Ming Microelectronics IC market wins "outside enemy", G20-LED lighting summit leads localization

[Wen|Long Zonghui] In 2014, it was called "the first year of LED home lighting" in the industry. Various lighting companies have launched a large number of merchants, which has driven the sales of upstream drive ICs.
Zhang Hongbiao, director of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), said that according to the development speed of the LED lighting market in the next few years, the LED driver IC market will maintain a high growth rate of two to three years. It is estimated that the sales of LED driver IC industry in mainland China will increase by about 50% in 2014, and product shipments should maintain an 80% growth rate.
Although the market prospects are bright, in the domestic LED driver IC field, most of the products are laid out in the non-dimming-type conventional lighting market, and the price war has always been a topic that cannot be avoided.
Faced with the reality of intensified market competition and declining product gross profit, various manufacturers are actively thinking about how to optimize product lines, reduce procurement costs, and at the same time increase the research and development of new products, and develop "high thresholds" with innovative and technical difficulties. The product.
As an extension of the integrated circuit industry, the market growth of LED driver ICs is also driven by the development of the entire integrated circuit industry. According to industry-related data, the global IC output value reached 231 billion yuan in 2013, of which domestic IC production value reached 87.7 billion yuan. In particular, the favorable policies of the new national leaders on the IC industry will accelerate the development of the domestic IC industry.
Multinational companies have always occupied the mid- to high-end market of the global integrated circuit industry; but in the field of LED driver ICs, the proportion of such unreasonable market share no longer exists. In particular, a group of Chinese LED driver IC companies represented by G20-LED Lighting Summit member company Microelectronics is catching up with multinational driver IC companies represented by TI, NXP and Iwatt, including in some market segments and even Chinese companies. Multinational companies have been completely distanced.
On the afternoon of October 25, at the office of Mingwei Electronics in Shenzhen Science and Technology Park, Li Zhaohua, deputy general manager of Mingwei Electronics, was introducing the company concept and LED driver IC product line to the representatives of member companies attending the 4th G20-LED Lighting Summit CMO meeting. .

The picture shows Li Zhaohua, deputy general manager of Ming Microelectronics, introducing the company's history, concept and product line.

The optimal state of the driver IC product is to maximize performance and optimize the cost through integration, but this is often not the case.
The integrated circuit industry has always been a high-input, high-risk industry. In Li Zhaohua's view, it is only investing money, rather than working hard in the R&D and manufacturing of enterprises. Enterprises will eventually “burn money”.
Most of the general driver IC companies use passive product development and marketing models. This way of looking at what the market sells and doing often leads to a long product line. As each product shipment is not large, it will cause the company's research and development, manufacturing costs to be artificially high.
Mingwei Electronics advocates active product development and marketing models, develops new products based on market information collection of strategic customers, and continuously accelerates iterative R&D of products, and leads the market with innovative technology to steadily take the lead.
Li Zhaohua revealed that Mingwei Electronics' driver IC product line is very complete, and its application fields include LED display, LED lighting and LED landscape lighting. At the same time, Mingwei Electronics can ship the driver chip with a maximum power of 300W. All products can achieve the fastest speed supply and 24-hour after-sales service, which is not available to foreign manufacturers.
LED lighting driver chips are divided into three types: isolated, non-isolated, and linear constant current.
Since the beginning of this year, many LED companies have launched the "LED filament lamp" card. First, replace the traditional incandescent lamp market; second, replace the LED candle lamp market; third, the crystal chandelier is equipped with LED filament lamp, the effect is shocking, and it is widely used in commercial lighting fields such as hotels and high-class banquet halls.
Although there are still many doubts about the filament lamp in the market, with the continuous innovation of technology, including the cost of LED filament packaging, the assembly cost of the filament bubble, the process reform, and the safety of the filament lamp and the transportation cost are greatly reduced. It is possible to promote the rapid growth of this market. Among them, the optimization of the power drive scheme is one of the key factors.

The photo shows the guests visiting the Ming Microelectronics Product Showroom and personally experience the “light enjoyment” brought by innovation.

In view of the fact that the current filament lamp white kit increases the cost and affects the aesthetics, Ming Micro has introduced a kitless and stroboscopic solution based on the linear constant current driving mode architecture.
At present, LED filament lamps on the market mainly include E14, E26/27 two-head lamp. The filament lamp power supply scheme of the SM7313 and SM7315P is a constant current realized by a switching power supply driver. The solution has good stability, no filament, and strong filament compatibility; wide voltage range, no stroboscopic, no plastic parts.
This solution solves the problem that the traditional RC solution has large power deviation, is not suitable for capacitive and inductive loads, and is not suitable for dynamic load; lightning surge can only be below 500V; current ripple is large, there is stroboscopic, Low efficiency leads to bottlenecks such as low light efficiency.
In order to adapt to the "intelligent" development trend, Mingwei Electronics has introduced integrated intelligent application chips SM2211E and SM2212E in linear constant current driving mode, multi-position intelligent color matching chips SM2221E and SM2222E. No additional dimming originals are required, no wiring changes are required, and no dimmers are added. The multi-position smart color chip SM2221E and SM2222E chip share the PCB with the lamp bead, and the constant power output during the color temperature process. Considering various dimming methods such as Bluetooth, WIFI, and ZigBee, the cost of a single chip is less than two yuan, and the cost of a Controller is less than 25 yuan. No flicker can be easily verified by conducted radiation.
“For domestic customers, the dimming of ceiling lamps may be more practical, so we designed a wireless intelligent lighting (five-way) solution, the main models are SM2211E, SM2221E, SM2123E, which can achieve different control boards compatible with the same light board. The efficiency is high and the circuit is simple. Because of the de-energization, the cost performance is higher.” Li Zhaohua said that all the above products can pass all the certifications currently on the market.
In addition, the non-isolated and isolated drive solution not only has low price, few BOM peripheral components, and can be over-certified, but also has many advantages such as high PF value, low THD, and no stroboscopic. For example, the isolated SM7650 has the lowest peripheral components in the world, and can achieve many advantages such as high PF, low THD, and no stroboscopic.
The SM7630 uses only one chip, eliminating the need for additional de-ripple modules, and the cost per driver chip is less than $2. The 8-pin driver chip SM7700, specially designed for TRIAC dimming, has an efficiency of > 87% @7W, THD <10%, and PF > 0.98. It is compatible with common thyristors such as Lutron and Matsumoto.  

Ming Microelectronics is also proud of the landscape lighting and traditional advantages of business LED display driver IC. Helping customers solve problems and developing driver ICs based on customer needs is Li Zhaohua's unique research and development concept that is different from other IC companies.

The photo shows the guests visiting Ming Microelectronics aging test laboratory, small batch testing laboratory and warehouse

Li Zhaohua revealed that before the microelectronics intervened in the LED landscape lighting driver IC market, the products were mostly connected in series. When a chip had problems, the entire string would no longer work. In order to solve the problem that has been plaguing customers for a long time, Mingwei Electronics has successfully developed a parallel drive solution, which has brought revolutionary breakthroughs to the industry. The product has 6 domestic patents and 3 international patents.

As the originator of LED display driver IC, Mingwei Electronics can provide a complete solution for display companies, including constant voltage driver chip, constant current driver chip and logic control chip.

Among them, the constant voltage driving chip captures more than 80% of the LED single and double color display market with high stability and high cost performance, while the constant current driving chip occupies the LED full color display market with the advantages of high current precision and high refresh rate. A large share. At the same time, the logic control chip series with decoding control, signal cascading, frequency detection and other functions effectively complements the diversified needs of LED display customers.

Li Zhaohua said that the success of today's market is due to the correct choice of Mingwei Electronics in the product development route. At present, the company's driver ICs are all in a single-chip package, which is more stable than the ordinary two-chip package on the market. In addition, Mingwei's competitive advantage is also reflected in the fast-changing demand for the terminal lighting market.

In addition to the unique advantages in product development, Li Zhaohua also showed the representatives of member companies in the laboratory hardware, product yield, testing, inventory management and other aspects.

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