Say goodbye to monotonous LED creative lighting to add brilliance to home life

Life is full of whimsy, life needs small ideas, small ideas can bring you endless fun, modern decoration is generally light decoration, heavy decoration, some small creative home accessories can make simple home More interesting, today Xiaobian will share with you several creative home lighting, I believe you will feel the beauty of life.

This luminaire design prototype is a living balloon that most children prefer. It is cute in shape, colorful in color, stylish and grounded. It is favored by children. It is suitable for children's room. It is also suitable for lighting in the bedroom or living room. It also plays a very good decorative role, making the home full of warmth and fun.

The simple expression form has become the pinnacle of industrial design. Using recycled materials, it has exerted great potential for environmental protection, and has turned many possibilities into a viable, freely curved lamp. The free expression is enriched with infinite meaning. People have unlimited imagination.

The creative prototype of this luminaire is lotus flower. This design is elegant and environmentally friendly. Like a holy beauty, it is a charming and charming book. In this study, it will enhance the taste of the entire study. It is atmospheric and subtle, elegant and not proud. Very strong, is a very good work of art.

This is a simple table lamp with a cute dog shape. When you touch the head of the "dog light", the light will illuminate and there are three different brightness adjustments, all of which can be done by touching the dog's head. It is like an obedient dog, willing to listen to the director's voice at any time, not only for you to bring light, but also a good companion, but also a loyal listener.

This is a luminous ball designed by the designer. It looks very beautiful. When they are charged on the charging stand, they are like a special table lamp. When fully charged, each light ball can be illuminated separately, and the light is soft. You can play with it with ease, enjoy a casual and elegant, and you can also put it on your desk for a good decoration.

Beauty comes from creativity, creativity comes from life, pay attention to it in bits and pieces, find different beauty, if you have good creative ideas, just do it!

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