Intel integrates hardware and software and launches IoT platform

Intel (Intel) announced on the Internet of Things (Intel IoT Platform) on Tuesday that it hopes to simplify the connectivity and security of Internet of Things products through the integration of hardware and software.

The Intel IoT Platform is designed to clearly define how devices connect to the cloud, deliver trusted data, and provide a repeatable underlying platform that accelerates time-to-market, reduces the complexity of the solution, and produces actionable analytics. Intel also announced blueprints for related hardware and software products from edge devices to the cloud, including API management and service development software, "edge-to-cloud" connectivity and analysis, and intelligent gateways. A series of highly scalable processors.

Specifically, Intel's new products include the Wind River Edge Management System, which provides acceleration device management, file transfer, data capture, and data analysis and response to set rules. The latest Intel IoT gateways can be integrated with the Wind River Edge Management System through agents for rapid deployment, provisioning and complete lifecycle management. There are currently 7 cooperative ODM operators, and 13 have announced later.

Intel integrates hardware and software and launches IoT platform

Intel also announced that in order to more effectively collect and analyze the IoT platform data, its cloud analysis products will support the IoT Developer Suite from the original Intel Galileo development board and Intel Edison module to the Intel IoT gateway series.

In addition, Intel emphasizes that security is the foundation of this product blueprint, so the introduction of dedicated security products and embedded security features, including its McAfee's Intel IoT Advanced Security for Intel IoT Gateways products. Intel Security also said that its identity security technology Enhanced Privacy IdenTIty (EPID) will also be promoted to other chip companies. Intel also released API and traffic management tools for customers to download today.

In addition to publishing relevant product blueprints, Intel also revealed several cooperative hardware and software and system integrators, including Accenture, SAP, Dell, NTT DATA, Tata Conultancy, Capgemini, etc., will help promote Intel's Internet of Things platform.

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