Xiaomi, Philips, Nanjing IOT smart light bulb which is strong?

After more than a month, a merchant's smart light bulb "started out", officially released in recent days, the name is Yeelight smart light bulb. The smart light bulb is undergoing relevant public beta activities, although there is no direct specific function, outdoor lighting, but we can understand one or two through Yeelight. It’s a horse, it’s a horse. If you pull it out, you know it; smart light bulbs are better than one.

Millet Yeelight Smart Light Bulb

Strictly speaking, the Yeelight smart light bulb is not a product developed by a merchant. Instead, it was launched in 2013 by a smart bulb startup company Yeelight in Qingdao. This year, it was included in a smart home eco-chain by a merchant. The function of a merchant's Yeelight smart light bulb is not complicated. International information mainly includes remote control, changing multiple colors and scene settings. Remote control, allowing users to control the smart light bulb in the home from anywhere; changing multiple colors allows the bulb to change more than 16 million colors according to the combination of red, green and blue primary colors, and allows users to easily adjust brightness and saturation Scene setting is the most important function of this product. It is completely consistent with the positioning of its “scenario lighting expert”, which allows users to set up rich lighting scenes such as bed, reading, and watching movies.

It is worth mentioning that a Yeelight smart light bulb officially released by a merchant is a smart router accessory for a merchant. It is also called "a merchant special". Enterprise information is connected by ZigBee technology and inserted into a merchant through a USB controller. On the intelligent routing, network control is implemented. In other words, LED lighting brand, there is no business route, CE certification, Yeelight smart bulb will not be used, this is also confirmed by Yeelight founder Jiang Zhaoning.

Without personal experience, domestic information, we can easily know that the function of the Yeelight smart light bulb is not too strong, at least compared with Hue and Nanjing IoT Rainbow Intelligent Variable Lantern.

Regardless of whether Hue can be called the leader in smart bulbs, but it is the forerunner of smart bulbs, it must be affirmed that a smart bulb that was launched by a merchant this year has been around two years ago. In contrast, Hue's features are more powerful, architectural lighting, Hue also has remote control, color conversion and scene settings, but obviously not the same as Yeelight, especially color conversion and scene settings. Hue provides more ways to transform colors, such as automatic transformation, image reference transformation, instant photo transformation, etc. In the scene setting, Hue has four preset lighting formulas (relaxation, concentration, vitality, and devotion). In addition, Hue also has a timing function and reminder functions such as mail, weather forecast, and appointment.

Philips Hue Smart Light Bulb

After talking about Yeelight and Hue, I have to mention the Rainbow smart variable light, which is also a smart light bulb that can change color. Different from the former two, Rainbow is developed by the Nanjing Institute of Real Estate, a smart home enterprise. Its biggest feature is the smart home gene.

Functionally, Rainbow is more similar to Hue. Although Rainbow does not have emails, weather forecasts, appointments and other information reminders, Hue's other features are readily available. Remote control, domestic information, allows users to control the bulb completely independent of time and space; change color, more than 16 million choices, and also support users to select colors through chromatography, pictures or photos; scene setting, quality, international information, all Custom settings, mainly based on user needs; timing functions, can be customized according to needs.

Nanjing IOT Rainbow Smart Bulb

At first glance, Rainbow does not differ much from Hue, led quality, 3c certification, but in fact there is still a certain difference between the two. Hue is actually a smart piece, and Rainbow is part of the smart home system. In addition to the features of smart items, Rainbow also has some features of the smart home system. Through SmartRoom advanced wireless technology, Rainbow can be connected with other smart home devices, star hotel lighting fixtures, corporate information, to achieve linkage between devices, such as linkage with smart door locks, you can use when opening smart door locks Control transfer indirectly opens Rainbow and so on.

In addition, Rainbow also has two-way feedback. The operation of the user on a mobile terminal such as a mobile phone or a tablet is not only instantly presented by Rainbow, but the switching or adjustment state of Rainbow is also synchronized on the mobile terminal. This feature helps users keep abreast of the use of smart bulbs.


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