High-temperature cable market is promising

High-temperature cable market is promising

The power industry has long been a pillar industry and occupies an important position in the national economy. In particular, in recent years, the global economy has faced bottlenecks in energy and power shortages. The country has continuously increased its investment in power, making the industry step Into the leap development period. Wire and cable products such as high-temperature cables have continued to increase their market share in recent years.

In the coming years, there will be some cable market development, and some cable products will usher in a vast market demand. For example, in the future, the use of overhead lines will increase significantly. Currently, China’s northern, central, and southern provinces will gradually realize the networking and nationwide application of a large number of ultrahigh-voltage and large-capacity overhead lines (Northwest 750KV lines and 500KV lines in other areas. ) The overhead line will have a 10% increase in the chain. In addition, the demand for medium-voltage 10 to 35 kV cable products will also increase significantly, or grow at an annual rate of 8 to 10%. At present, the use of dual-ring network power supply in metropolitan areas and the increase in underground cable ratios in urban centers will greatly increase the use of medium-voltage cables. At present, most urban planning departments have emphasized the power supply of underground cables in urban areas. Some cities have already included this requirement in local regulations, which has brought great opportunities for medium-voltage distribution cables.

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