Rumors? Toshiba white LED business continues to struggle, will intentionally withdraw

Toshiba, which has been experiencing accounting scandals, continues to accelerate the reorganization of its unprofitable business. After the recent sale of the CMOS business to Sony, it is now known that Toshiba intends to withdraw from the loss of the white LED business and may end. Production of partially discrete components.

Japanese media Asahi Shimbun reported on the 28th that Toshiba is conducting an evaluation and intends to withdraw from the loss of the white LED business. The report pointed out that Toshiba was optimistic about the growth potential of the white LED business. Therefore, it devoted a lot of resources to the white LED business several years ago. However, due to its slow start, the white LED business continued to struggle.

The report pointed out that the semiconductor business unit is Toshiba's biggest source of profit, but in addition to the use of NAND Flash in memory, other products have a loss of physical fitness.

In addition, according to Japanese media NHK 27th, Toshiba plans to end the production of discrete components used in home appliances, automobiles and other applications. According to the report, Toshiba is considering the end of the production of some discrete components with low profitability, and will also review the production system of some system LSI products.

According to the offer of the Harvest XQ Global Winner System, Toshiba fell 0.58% as of 8:48 am on the 28th of Taipei time, and rose nearly 1% earlier; Toshiba's share price has soared about 33% so far this year.

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