OLED 4K TV struck, Skyworth S9300 unpacking experience

Skyworth S9300 has many stunning features, not only because of its use of OLED technology, appearance workmanship, sound quality, content resources have shocked the author's sense of the world. The following PConline evaluation room for readers to send Skyworth S9300's boot test!


Skyworth S9300's packaging box is quite simple, the four English letters "OLED" in the center of the front of the package, very eye-catching, even more than Skyworth's brand LOGO, enough to see this is the first global production of 4K OLED TV is how important. The author is full of expectation. How will this fantastic television be presented to me?

The dismantling process of this TV is very unique. It is like a Christmas gift wrapped in many layers. It is necessary to remove all the outer boxes and take the protective foam cushions one by one. The true meaning of the TV is slowly presented to me. The Skyworth S9300 is quite thin and light, but at first glance it will be easy to turn it into a curved TV, but when I start to touch this TV skin, he is like Iron Man's strong gold. The fuselage, let me suddenly eliminate this idea.

Although the Skyworth S9300's base is compact, it is very robust. Unlike other TV plug-in bases, the large-area packaged base mounting method has increased the safety factor of the body, and it also enhances the overall texture.

Accessories box is also very simple, kraft paper packaging environment is also very strong, accessories are manual / warranty card, video a three-conversion cable, remote control and 3D glasses two (including myopia special clip).

Summary: From the details of packaging and product unpacking, Skyworth is very hard to shape this flagship product. The huge "OLED" highlights the impact of the third-generation display technology. The small and exquisite base indicates that this is an extraordinary design.


Seeing the whole machine at first glance is so fascinated by such a slim body, a truly endless design, and a JBL full-range sound at the bottom. Everywhere exudes the taste of perfection, like the art of an uncanny workmanship. Products.

The bright silver aluminum frame, through the electroplating process, the surface reflects a soft luster, so that the frame is more texture and sense of technology. The thinnest point is only 5.27mm, which is truly amazing. Skyworth’s superior process design and manufacturing capabilities are 1.83mm thinner than the iPhone 6s. Especially at the bottom of a row of JBL full range audio, the author's appetite for this TV sound quality.

Will you be like a million-year-old plastic backshell in Tucao's mobile phone, and will be unhappy with the current TV plastic back cover? However, when you see Skyworth S9300's back design, it will definitely feel cool. The TV back panel adopts the drawing + anodizing process. At first glance, there is a full sense of science and technology. With the leather shell shell technology, fashion sense also comes along.

As an excellent 4K OLED, rich and high-speed interfaces are certainly indispensable. Three HDMI interfaces supporting 4K input greatly expand the ability of high-definition audio and video transmission. In addition, interfaces such as USB3.0, optical fiber output, and audio/video input/output interfaces greatly satisfy the different needs of different groups of people. .

Summary: After unraveling the mystery of Skyworth S9300, the author's excitement is hard to conceal, the exquisite and stylish appearance of the work, the profound screen, plus JBL full-range sound, as if on this still TV, I saw Static combination, see the elegant melody.

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Skyworth S9300 adopts Coolopen 5.0 system, with a 1.7GHz 4-core Cortex A17 CPU, and a 4-core T760 GPU, allowing it to operate as a streamlined, high-definition video decoding is more than adequate. The home page of the operating system is very simple, there is no complicated level design, there is no bloated content piles, whether the elderly or children can easily get started with the first use.

The biggest feature of the Coolopen 5.0 system is its GeekLife smart ecosystem, which includes GeekMax, GeekBox, GeekPod, GeekEdu, GeekTravel, GeekMall, etc. Accurate vertical content positioning allows users to quickly find the resources they want, and in each There is a fairly complete user experience in content design.

In the trial, we can see that whether it is the latest video information, or the popular movie cinema and wonderful TV programs, Coolopen 5.0 has a rich show. When you are still watching the 480P's good voice in China, it's just a matter of violence. Most of Cool TV 5.0's excellent TV programs have super-clear, Blu-ray-level resources. The excellent picture quality coupled with the shocking sound quality can fully enjoy the feeling of deep immersion. When I look at the Chinese sound of Blu-ray definition, the rich low-frequency, comfortable mid-range, and transparent high frequencies released from the JBL audio make the music effect incisive.

In terms of application, Coolopen 5.0 will have excellent application recommendations in all major sections. The author found that these applications are very effective during use. They do not require you to download them, especially music applications in GeekPod. It is a small fresh or female man who has the one that suits you. The application management is also very convenient, comes with one-click acceleration and cache garbage cleanup function, you no longer need to download the optimization software with the whole family bucket.

Summary: Skyworth S9300's Cool 5.0 system is rich in content. You don't have to passively accept TV for you, because Cool Open 5.0 can provide you with too many choices. At the same time, its simple, vertical operation logic will not make you feel bloated and easy to use.

The full text concludes: Whether it is a fashionable and elegant design, or a rich and complete content experience, Skyworth S9300 can be regarded as a masterpiece. The rich color quality expressed by OLED has let the author get drunk during the initial experience.

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