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China is the world’s leading producer of plastic machinery and its production ranks first in the world. In particular, Ningbo in Zhejiang and Dongguan in Guangdong have become important injection molding machine production bases in China and even in the world.

Injection molding is the use of plastic thermophysical properties, the material from the hopper into the barrel, the barrel heated by the heating ring, so that the material is melted, in the barrel is loaded under the action of an external motor driven screw rotation, the role of the material in the screw Under the screw groove, the material is transported and compacted forward. The material is gradually plasticized, melted and homogenized under the double action of external heating and screw shear. When the screw rotates, the friction and shear forces of the material in the screw groove Under the action, the molten material is pushed to the head of the screw. At the same time, the screw retreats under the reaction of the material, so that the screw head forms a storage space, completes the plasticization process, and then, the piston thrusts on the injection cylinder. Under the effect of high-speed and high-pressure, the molten material in the storage chamber is injected into the cavity of the mold through the nozzle. After the molten material in the cavity is pressed, cooled, solidified and set, the mold is under the action of the mold-closing mechanism. , Open the mold, and push out the shaped product from the mold through the ejector device.

Electric control cabinet products

We recommend: Honeywell GR/CRH/SR series relays, GK series terminal blocks,
PB22/PL22 series button indicator.
â–  Relays: Large contact capacity, stable performance â–  Terminals: Metal parts and plastic parts made of high-quality materials, complete accessories â–  Button indicator: imported plastics, a wide range of use

Operational door limit position 4~6, crank travel detection, limit protection

We recommend: HLS-A, ZLEC01D, GLAC01A1B limit switches â–  IP65/67
â–  UL, CE, CCC certification â–  Compact housing with adjustable head â–  Cable sheath â–  Impact resistant 50g
â–  Anti-vibration 10~55Hz, 1.5mm amplitude

Mold control, upper and lower core withdrawal, injection table limit

We recommend: SL-A/SL-A1/SLP-A/SLP-A1 limit switches â–  IP64/IP67
â–  UL, CCC, CE certification â–  Asian standard installation size â–  Maximum shock resistance up to 30G
â–  2500VAC/1min between non-conductive components
■ Working temperature up to -30~80°C

Positioning the ejector pin, controlling the sol, locking the mold in place or opening the mold in place, displacement control

We recommend: JPA, JSM series proximity switches â–  Solid state, non-contact sensing â–  Two housing types, rectangular and cylindrical â–  Wide frequency response â–  Cable or connector connection â–  Polarity reversal, short circuit, surge and EMC ( Electromagnetic Compatibility) Protection â–  Conforms to EN 60947-5-2 CE (DC) standard

Laminated Wood Screw And Nuts Insulation fasteners used in transformers, which is used in construction as insulation.

Composite fasteners are used in technical fields that have high demands on electrical, chemical and thermal properties. Fasteners are based on glass fibre reinforced epoxy or polyester resin Systems with special additives and a special structure.

Laminated Wood Screw and Nuts

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