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There is no doubt that technology touches every aspect of our lives – so the amount of data we create every day is growing at an alarming rate. But what really dominates the growth of data is not movie downloads, Instagram or the Internet of Things: you might be surprised that about half of the world's data comes from video surveillance.

Due to the popularity of high-definition surveillance images and the minimum storage time for video recordings regulated by government regulations, the amount of data has inevitably increased. The monitoring storage market needs to evolve to respond to changing needs and seize the opportunities that the market is expanding.

Seagate recently completed a survey of more than 1,100 system integrators and corporate IT executives to explore the reasons for the popularity of video surveillance. More than three-quarters (85%) said they use video surveillance primarily for security and security reasons. This has deepened our understanding that video surveillance is still seen as a means of preventing loss or security, but in fact it also provides an important and valuable opportunity to gather business intelligence.

With the rapid development of video surveillance, versatile storage solutions will no longer be viable. Storage can be said to be the primary concern for businesses—especially as more and more companies want to analyze data generated over a longer period of time. Therefore, video surveillance systems using traditional desktop hard drives will be difficult to meet. These drives cannot handle the constant data writing of multiple HD videos. Now, the challenge of video surveillance is to meet the true 24/7 operation of 365 days a year. Therefore, the monitoring system needs to be able to efficiently handle this workload-level hard disk.

When data is generated and stored securely, it is also critical that the monitoring system recognizes and transforms the data. Data analysis can not only help companies improve efficiency and operations in a short period of time, but also help companies stay ahead of their competitors and make better business decisions.

So what is the real good monitoring system in the real world? How can it bring business benefits? Take a retail store as an example. If you can analyze the customer's buying habits and browsing time by analyzing the monitoring data, you can immediately decide how to best display the products in the store to retain customers and get sales.

To ensure these advantages, the storage industry must provide enterprises with the choice to meet the specific needs of their storage storage.

One such choice exists in Seagate's recently released, including the seventh generation of surveillance hard drives called Idle-3. Motion-sensing cameras in Seagate-monitored hard drives with Idle-3 support support for capturing images within the camera's surveillance range. When the camera is shooting, the Idle-3 hard drive can respond quickly and reliably, reducing energy consumption and cost without losing any important information and services.

Video analysis and business information will be the main drivers when we predict how the security market will evolve in a few years. Video analytics has been around for a while, but video coding innovations and higher-definition cameras have created a smart environment that goes beyond traditional alarm zones or restricted zones.

This means that video surveillance experts can no longer use the surveillance system as a means of preventing losses, but can also begin to focus on how the system can improve and improve the company's return on investment (ROI). It also means that companies can turn raw data into useful information and make better business decisions by analyzing existing data to maximize their production capacity. The increase in storage capacity makes it possible to upgrade existing storage systems. As surveillance systems become more common, more companies will need to use monitoring systems to identify business trends, opportunities and anomalies and turn them into profitable activity.

(This article is from Mr. Sofocles Socratous, Vice President, Seagate Technology Europe, Middle East and Africa)

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