The sofa Xiaobian devotion box "internal force" greatly increased ten tips

1 Video on Demand: TV Cat

Xiao Bian Comments: Whether it is live broadcast or on-demand, whether it is the latest movie hit a large network!

TV cat video is a video application. It is only for the family. It can be installed on smart TVs or smart boxes. It is currently providing millions of home users with massive on-demand video gathering of Internet major video sites, as well as CCTV/TV/local stations. Live channel and look back in 7x24 hours.

2 Live: HDP

Editor Comments: The speed and clarity of live broadcasts are by far the most exciting for Xiaobian.

HDP live broadcast official release, for the Internet TV set-top box selected design UI and operating experience, more than 600 channels updated daily, remote control digital selection station, fast-speed channel change, multi-source automatic switching, a variety of custom program way, What are you waiting for? Download and install it on your set-top box as soon as possible!

3 games: My name is MT2

Xiao Bian Comments: The design of the game is very cute and the quality is up to 4K!

The game style is continuation of the mobile game version. My classic name is MT2. Using Unity3D engine, dynamic perspective, exquisite modeling, gorgeous special effects and cool skills, the picture quality far exceeds the industry's outstanding level, and creates the most extreme visual feast for players. In the BOSS duel also adopted a full-angle scene, bringing a stronger sense of combat substitution, perfectly embodying the visual superiority of the TV screen.

4 Music: Shrimp Music

Xiao Bian Comments: The type of music, music rich people straightforward!

M-Radio is a personalized network music service created by China's largest online music website,, based on tens of millions of users' music preferences and precise music recommendation algorithm engine. It covers hundreds of music channels such as style, age, constellation and mood. .

5 Shopping: TV Taobao

Editor Comments: The first time PC shopping was brought on the screen, remote control operation, the whole family shared shopping happy.

TV Taobao, Taobao TV is Alibaba's home shopping app for TV users, allowing you and your family to enjoy shopping on TV. This application integrates browsing, purchasing, searching, payment, and logistics query functions of Taobao products. It brings together a large number of Taobao products, as well as excellent quality and preferential products selected by Xiao Er every day for you to complete shopping.

6 Education: Beva Songs

Editor Comments: There are children at home necessary artifacts, divided by age content classification, according to local conditions, according to their aptitude.

Beiwa Children Songs is the official product! Classical children's songs, Tang poems, Three-character classics, Happy school, English nursery rhymes, Early childhood education area, Bedtime stories, Children's puzzles, Parenting essentials. The baby learns songs and listens to stories and learns English. 100 children's songs video, fairy tales, baby learning Tang poetry animated, updated weekly. Received a number of honors, recognized by the industry and the government.

7 Practical: Thunder Download

Xiao Bian Comments: One of Xiao Bian's favorite APPs is a USB removable hard disk. It can also become a download server!

Thunder download TV version of the client can help you easily complete the remote download from the computer to the TV; just add the "remote download" function in the Thunder download of the computer, and specific box binding, massive video, rich film source, instantly Download from computer to TV! When you are lonely and bored, come to Thunder to find a large movie. Friends circle, friends' privacy resources at a glance!

8 Application Management: Sofa Manager

The most complete application management software, the APP described in this article, can be found here.

The sofa butler is a TV box localization application store based on android system. We are committed to creating the most comprehensive and simple TV box application store for domestic users, providing users with the most suitable software and games for use on TV boxes. Our aim is to allow each user who uses a sofa butler to pick up the remote control just as easily and conveniently as a traditional TV - the sofa butler makes the TV box easier.

9 system optimization: 360 TV guards

Editor Comments: The necessary artifacts to ensure the speed of the box!

Software Description: TV guardian new version brings you a new TV experience. Is your home's Android TV increasingly bloated? Does the operation appear to be stuck? 360 TV Defender is your best TV steward, making your TV faster and safer.

10 Game Hall: Grape Games Hall

Editor's comment: If you haven't played a game, be sure to download it. If you've played a game, it's even more necessary to download!

Grape Game Hall, the most fun smart TV game center. Super 1000 TV game, perfect support for the market 500 + handle, no adaptation, plug and play. It doesn't matter if the wood has a handle. The phone can also be used as a handle. There are more remote controls and mouse games. Refresh the game daily, come and try it.

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