Tianlong Optoelectronics violated the regulations and was blamed by four natural persons

On the evening of September 22, Tianlong Optoelectronics (300029) announced that the company had received the "Civil Ruling Book" from Beijing Dongcheng District People's Court, Tianlong Optoelectronics and Shengrong Wealth Investment Fund (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shengrong Company" Together, as a defendant, four natural persons, such as Zhang, were prosecuted for contract disputes. After investigation, Shengrong Company was suspected of illegally absorbing public deposits and was investigated. As the guarantor of Shengrong Company, Tianlong Optoelectronics may cause trouble to the upper body. Tianlong Optoelectronics said that it has not received the documents of the criminal investigation.

In response to Zhang’s appeal, the judgment of Dongcheng District People’s Court stated that “Shengrong Company has not been incorporated and is not actually operating. The Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau’s Dongcheng Branch has filed a case investigation against Shengrong’s suspected illegal absorption of public deposits. The company’s fundraising is suspected of economic crimes and is not subject to the acceptance of civil litigation. According to relevant regulations, it should be transferred to the public security organs for handling.

This also increased the seriousness of the incident. The cause of the incident dates back to November 2013. Tianlong Optoelectronics disclosed an external guarantee of the company under the media report. Tianlong Optoelectronics as the guarantor Rongrong Company guarantees a guarantee of 70 million yuan, Shengrong Company promises to provide certain capital preservation income to investors who provide funds, but in the end, Shengrong Company, which disclosed the registered capital of 500 million yuan, was finally investigated and found to be unregistered and absorbed. Investors' funds were only given for half a year, and the principal and other half-year earnings investors were delayed.

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