Lynx Box 1 Downgrade, ROOT, Jailbreak Step by Step

Description of the Tutorial The 1st generation of the Lynx Box is ROOT blocked after upgrading the 1.7 version of the system. If users want to limit the boot, limit the system upgrade, and the flash can not be achieved. Because of the hardware configuration of the Magic Box 1 generation, many users of the Alibaba Cloud 2.1 upgrade system are not able to see the smooth operation of the system. What should I do after the upgrade? Xiao Bian today successfully collected Box 1 from the system version from 2.1 to 1.7 by collecting various tutorials and pro-testing. After that, ROOT limited the automatic upgrade.

Applicable equipment: Lynx box 1 generation (as shown);
Applicable system: Cloud OS 2.1 following version;
Brush purpose: downgrade to 1.7 version, ROOT, jailbreak installation third-party software;

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Statement: Cheng is only suitable for tmb100a tmb100c tmb100e users, V2.1 and the following version of the system! As the downgrade must be short lived, there is a risk and the consequences are at your own risk. Please exercise caution!
1. Download the following recovery package, download from Baidu cloud disk address: Password: lt9g

2. Make an SD card:
Extract the Recovery package. There are 4 files in the Start Card Maker directory:

3. Connect the SD card to the computer, open SDcardMaker.exe and select the drive letter corresponding to the sd card (Note: If you cannot select the drive letter here, please re-run SDcardMaker.exe as administrator after closing)

Select the uboot.bin file in the directory where you unzipped the file, click "Create Start Card" and click "Start" or "Confirm" button until the production is completed:

Click to start formatting SD card
Recovery package production completed
Then copy the other recovery.img files in the unzipped directory to this sd card!

4. Download Lynx Box V1.7rom: Link: Password: s4bt
Then copy the downloaded ROM file to this sd card and change the file name to
5. Open the box and insert the SD card into the box
6. Power off, start shorting
TMB100E short circuit

TMB100A Shorting Diagram
TMB100C short circuit diagram
7. Short-circuit after 5 seconds after power-on, the box will automatically enter the FOXROM-recovery interface. Select the last two items in order to double clear:

8. Then select "apply update from EXT"

9. Then select "" in the SD directory and select "YES"

10. After waiting for a while to update, select 'YES' to restart the box. Congratulations on your downgrading from V2.1 to V1.7 rooted!
11. The system is extremely streamlined and only retains the necessary sofa butlers for jailbreaks and increases ROOT authority.

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