Touch Elimination continues to vertically integrate to find a way to live

One year ago, Shenghua, because the mainland banks pumped up the money, the company announced the reorganization, and exited the touch panel industry, the first shot for the touch industry knockout. However, in the past year, the intensity of market competition has not slowed down. There are hundreds of closed touch panel factories in mainland China, and Taiwan panel makers are generally losing money. Pure touch panel factory is miserable, and only continuous vertical integration will have the opportunity to survive.

In the past few years, Taiwan and mainland touch panel factories have actively expanded production, and market competition has intensified. In the second half of the year, the price of touch modules per inch has reached US$1.2, and next year, it has dropped to US$1, causing the touch panel factory to shout “Do more The more you pay, the more you can't pick up the order." In the first half of this year, the touch panel factory generally suffered losses. Yanghua's net loss per share was 3.72 yuan, and the net loss per share was 5.39 yuan. Even the market leader, Huhong, also lost 4.79 yuan per share. Only Yicheng can maintain profitability by virtue of the one-stop production model of MegaSite and the blessing of Hon Hai Group.

From the perspective of the main application products of touch, the growth of smart phones has slowed down, and the demand for tablet PCs has been straightforward. The stylus and AIO, which had previously been highly anticipated, have maintained a touch panel penetration rate of around 15% in the past two years. The bottleneck in development and the market will not see the next killer application. However, the touch production capacity is huge, and the industry is faced with a lot of dilemma.

Qiu Yubin, senior research associate of WitsView, said that the living space of the pure touch panel factory is single-handedly compressed, and only the vertical integration will have a way out. Touch sensors can't make money, but they can't make money. If you can't make money, you can try to squeeze out the profits from the backlight module. Or integrate pressure sensors, develop fingerprint recognition, and strengthen the position in the supply chain through technology value added. Although Dahong is under the umbrella of the Shunhong Group, its status is quite slim. Nowadays, whether it is a thin film touch sensor or a glass touch sensor, there is a serious overcapacity. The vertical integration role of the group is still In the whole, it is not easy for Dahong to break through.

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