EPID technology boosts the security level of IoT applications

Atmel will work with Intel to launch a more secure Internet of Things (IoT) application. Through this collaboration, Atmel will support Intel Enhanced Privacy Identity (Intel® EPID) technology in all Atmel SmartConnect wireless solutions. With the rapid development of the Internet of Things market, the number of intelligent networking devices is increasing. It is becoming increasingly important to realize mutual authentication between the IoT nodes and the cloud to improve the security of cloud deployment.

By 2020, the number of connected devices worldwide will reach tens of billions. In order to achieve a seamless connection between edge nodes and the cloud, security is one of the key factors. Atmel also offers a complete IoT solution that integrates Atmel|SMART microcontrollers (MCUs), Wi-Fi, 802.15.4 and Bluetooth Atmel SmartConnect wireless technology and Atmel's security products. Working with Intel enables developers using Atmel wireless solutions to apply trusted Intel EPID identity standards to their solutions.

Kaivan Karimi, vice president and general manager of wireless solutions at Atmel, said: "The application of Intel's EPID technology provides a truly seamless edge node to cloud IoT platform for IoT designers. The platform has reliable security features. And has Atmel's broad portfolio of IoT products. Atmel's SmartConnect wireless and IoT solutions can support Intel's EPID technology from now on, and the security of this technology has been fully validated over the past five years."

Intel EPID is an ISO standard for authentication and privacy protection that has been in use on the Intel platform since 2011. This technology provides a hardware root of trust and is compatible with public key infrastructure (PKI). With Intel EPID technology, device identities are verified and a secure communication link is established between authenticated devices. In addition, device group membership can be determined by avoiding exposure to specific platform identities, adding another layer of security. Moreover, Intel EPID technology can dynamically assign and revoke individual group memberships and meet the latest requirements for content and data protection protocols to protect key delivery.

Lori Wigle, general manager of Intel's IoT Security Division, said: "With the rapid development of the IoT ecosystem, security has become a key element. Intel EPID is a proven security technology that can be used in dozens of new markets for the Internet of Things. Billion devices provide a common security foundation. With Intel EPID technology, Amtel will provide a more secure and seamless IoT platform."

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