TV common sense daily new knowledge: how to adjust the brightness of the most eye protection

TV and computer, if users watch it for a long time, it will cause great damage to the eyes. At the same time, the brightness and contrast in the TV settings have certain influence on the whole picture. How to adjust the contrast, brightness and color saturation? What about the settings? Let's listen to Xiaobian.

Adjust image contrast

Too much contrast can reduce the image level, appear stiff, lose a lot of image detail, and it can also interfere with the image. If the contrast is too low, it will reduce the image level and it will seem very laborious. Therefore, you need to use the contrast knob correctly to call up the six gray levels that can be clearly distinguished, so that the leftmost level is just not bright, and the last one The level of brightness is appropriate. When the color saturation button is turned off, due to the different signal levels in the color, it should be possible to clearly distinguish their levels.

Adjust brightness and background adjustment

The brightness knob of the color TV set makes the brightness appropriate. It should not be glaring or too dark. It should be better if the eyes are not tired when watching TV for a long time. Then turn off the color saturation so that the image is colorless and black and white. For color TVs with tone knobs, you need to adjust the tone knob to the minimum.

Adjust horizontal sharpness

Contrast can represent the strength of the kinescope signal under certain conditions. The contrast is adjusted, indicating that the signal strength applied to the picture tube is appropriate, and the horizontal resolution can be adjusted. When adjusting the tuner knob or channel fine adjustment knob, carefully observe the horizontal clear pattern in the test chart, try to make the fine strips clear and legible, and there is no edging and smearing. It also requires good sound and does not interfere with the image. In the color TV test chart, the position of the most dense line that can be distinguished is better to the right, which indicates that the horizontal resolution of the television is higher.

Adjust color saturation

When performing color saturation adjustment, first turn the color saturation knob to the minimum position, and then adjust the color depth according to the TV viewer's own preferences. If the color is too strong, it will lack realism. If it is too light, it will lose its meaning. A more appropriate standard is: the skin color of the person in the image, especially the color of the hand and the face, to be close to the color of the ordinary person, that is, the color saturation knob is adjusted so that the color of the skin color is close to the skin color of the normal person. In addition, when adjusting the color, the frequency fine adjustment knob can be adjusted appropriately.

Adjust the color saturation knob

The color of the white, yellow, cyan, green, purple, red, blue, and black sequences is presented in the test chart. However, the depth of saturation is generally not easily identifiable from the color bars. It is necessary to adjust the skin color of the upper part of the test chart. The male skin color (left) should be slightly darker than the female skin color (right) and approximate the usual skin color. If it is adjusted too lightly, the female skin color will be nearly white; if it is adjusted deep, the male skin color will be red, or the color of the male and female can not be distinguished. Only when the color saturation is adjusted properly, the image will have a good color effect.

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