What is the difference between the different brands of LED lights?

During the summer season, household electricity consumption has soared, and it is easy to break through the critical point of the ladder price regulation. Coupled with the improvement of people's environmental awareness, many consumers have turned their attention to more energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lights. At present, there are many LED lamps sold in the market, which are rich in variety and wide in use. However, the price difference between different brands of LED lights is very large, even more than a dozen times. What is the difference between them?

Survey: LED energy saving lamp most <br> <br> Currently, there are domestic household lamp incandescent, energy saving lamps and LED lamps three kinds, of which the consumer is buying the most energy-saving lamps, because many families have recognized the Incandescent lamps consume a lot of power, so replace them with energy-saving lamps. LED lights are still relatively unfamiliar to many ordinary consumers, and they are not yet popular due to high prices. According to industry insiders, from the perspective of economy and environmental protection, LED lamps are the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly, followed by energy-saving lamps, and incandescent lamps are the most wasteful of energy.

However, the price difference between incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps and LED lamps is quite different. In a store, for example, an incandescent lamp with a rated power of 40W is priced at 3 yuan, and one is equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp brightness. The price of the energy-saving lamp with a rated power of 8W is 24 yuan, and the price of an LED lamp equivalent to the brightness of a 40W incandescent lamp and rated power of 5W is as high as 49.9 yuan.

According to this price: If you only buy the price of one LED lamp, you can buy 16 incandescent lamps, and the amount of one energy-saving lamp can buy 8 incandescent lamps. Obviously, the cost of using LED lights is much higher than using energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps. But from the point of view of the power consumption and service life of the bulb, the result is greatly different.

Under normal circumstances, the illumination life of an LED lamp is more than 20,000 hours, while the illumination life of an incandescent lamp is only 1000 hours, and the illumination life of an energy-saving lamp is only 6,000 hours. In this way, the life of an LED lamp is equivalent to 20 incandescent lamps or 3 energy-saving lamps. Calculated with a brightness of 20,000 hours, equivalent to 40W, an incandescent lamp consumes 800 degrees of power, an energy-saving lamp is 160 degrees, and an LED lamp is only 100 degrees.

According to the price of 0.48 yuan per kilowatt hour, the electricity cost for using 20,000 hours of incandescent lamps is 384 yuan, the energy-saving lamps are 76.8 yuan, and the LED lights are only 48 yuan. In addition to the purchase cost, if an incandescent lamp is used for 20,000 hours, it costs a total of 432 yuan, the energy-saving lamp costs 148.8 yuan, and the LED lamp only costs 97.9 yuan.

It can be seen that from the perspective of long-term use, LED lamps are lighting products that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

Status: different brands spread <br> <br> poor since the effect of energy-saving LED lights so good, why has not be universal? The huge price difference between different brands of LED lights is an important reason that cannot be ignored, which makes consumers unable to start when purchasing. The survey found that LED lights not only have a large difference in price from incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, but also LED lamps of the same power. The price of different brands can also be several times or even ten times different.

It is understood that different brands of LED lighting products, product prices are significantly different. Take an LED spotlight with a rated power of 5W as an example. Its price ranges from 10 yuan to hundreds of yuan. Among them, the products with prices ranging from 10 yuan to 40 yuan are mostly produced by some unknown small manufacturers. The price of domestic famous brand LED spotlights is about 60-70 yuan each, and LED spotlights produced by international famous brands. Each sale price is more than one hundred yuan.

For the question of why the price difference of LED lamps of different brands is so big, many merchants' answers are: "The quality is different." It is said that the expensive light is very soft, not dazzling, and the light of the relatively cheap LED light It is too white, too bright, and it is not good for long-term use. After a long period of use, the light will be dimmed and the lighting standard will not be met.

In fact, the price difference between LED lights sold in online stores is even greater. Some of the online stores sell LED lights at a price of only 1.8 yuan each, which is lower than the price of an incandescent lamp. After careful inspection, it was found that these LED lights are mostly small brands, and the slogan of the business is “low-cost loss, only for sales”. The LED lamps sold by the internationally renowned brands on the website each sell for a maximum of 80 yuan, and the price difference between the two is more than 40 times.

Reminder: the poor quality low-priced products and more <br> <br> also LED lights, what factors influence the price? In this regard, an industry insider explained that the factors affecting the price of LED lamps include chip, package, heat dissipation, heat dissipation materials, appearance and other aspects, only the chip is divided into several levels.

The industry further explained that an LED lamp usually consists of three parts, namely a lamp bead, a casing, and a driver. Take an LED spotlight with a rated power of 3W as an example. It consists of 3 lamp beads, 1 casing and 1 drive. It is calculated according to the production cost of the mid-range product. The cost of the lamp bead is 2 yuan and the outer casing is 3 yuan. The drive is 2.8 yuan, the labor cost is 1 yuan, the packaging cost is 0.5 yuan, and the other cost is 1 yuan. In this way, the total cost of this lamp is 10.3 yuan. In addition, the profit to be earned by the merchant, the rental cost of the warehouse, the transportation cost, etc., the price of this lamp must be at least 20 yuan. Therefore, the quality of LED lights that sell for only $10 or less can be imagined.

According to the industry insider, some merchants dare to sell very cheap LED lights because they use inferior materials, taking lamp beads as an example, a poor quality 1W domestic lamp beads sold in some southern markets. The price is only 0.2 yuan, the gold wire inside the lamp bead is replaced by copper wire, and other materials are mostly inferior products. For these, the consumer is only difficult to discern from the appearance of the lamp. Therefore, he reminded consumers not to buy LED lights that are too low in price to avoid problems during use and damage to themselves and their families.

Related Links: Four strokes teach you to identify the LED lights <br> <br> in the face of many brands, prices vary when the LED lights, many consumers did not know how to buy, do not know how to identify their superior quality inferior. In this regard, the industry has summarized the four points that need to be paid attention to when purchasing LED lights, to help consumers easily identify.

Look shall be marked with the rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and other information, as well as brand names and related certification mark on the packaging of the product packaging and labels <br> <br> genuine LED lights. The trademark on the outer packaging of the genuine LED lamp has good quality, the font is clear, and it is not easy to fall off. That is to say, it is wiped with a soft damp cloth, and the trademark is still clearly identifiable. The trademark printing quality of counterfeit products is poor, the font is blurred, and the trademarks of some products can be erased with a damp cloth. In addition, there are no printed trademarks and related certification marks on the outer packaging of some inferior products.

See <br> <br> genuine appearance of the lamp using an LED lamp trichromatic lamp, and the lamp color than white, the hands over, the color will look whiter. In addition, it depends on whether the appearance of the LED lamp is cracked or loose, and observe whether the interface has been traced. If there is, it indicates that it is a poor quality product. Genuine LED lights will not appear loose or smashed during installation and disassembly.

Consumers can also identify the quality of the LED light through the shell material. The plastic shell of the genuine LED lamp is made of flame retardant material, and the texture is rough, similar to frosted glass. Inferior products are made of ordinary plastic, the surface is smooth and shiny, and these materials are characterized by easy deformation and flammability.

Temperature <br> <br> work when viewed in the operating state, the temperature is not too high genuine LED lamp, can be contacted by hand. If the purchased product heats up significantly during work, it indicates a problem with its quality. In addition, if the LED light flashes, it also indicates that there is a problem with its quality.

Look electromagnetic interference <br> <br> In China, the electromagnetic compatibility assessment of electrical products is an important indicator of eligibility, so consumers in the purchase of LED lights to see if there is a test by the relevant logo on its packaging.

At the time of purchase, consumers can test with medium and short wave radios. Place the radio near the LED light after power-on and observe the noise emitted from the radio. The lower the noise, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the product.

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