O2O big name hits high-tech lighting chain unveiled at the 2014 China Construction Expo

[Text / high-tech reporter Luo Shenghua] Under the impetus of e-commerce and mobile Internet, new marketing concepts and strategies are gradually emerging. The sales model of LED lighting will become more and more simple, especially the emergence of e-commerce and O2O mode, the traditional level. The proxy mode is being broken.

As far as the current marketing channels are concerned, although the traditional hierarchical agent model still dominates the mainstream, but because the entire marketing process is too complicated, in the process of product delivery, it will undoubtedly increase its operating costs, especially for distributors at the end of marketing. Under the squeezing of huge cost and layer-by-layer policies, the living space is narrower, and because of this, the industry calls for the emergence of flat channels.

The e-commerce platform is directly respected by the enterprises and merchants for the simplicity of its platform construction and the transaction link. However, although the e-commerce platform has low initial input costs and is more direct and convenient to trade, the maintenance costs are high. The most important thing is that the lack of direct shopping experience can not fully win the trust of consumers, but also affect the purchasing psychology of consumers.

O2O, as a model of online trading and offline experience, combines the advantages of both physical store shopping and online shopping. It was once considered by the industry to be a new direction for the transformation of the entire channel model in the future.

However, although the prospects of O2O are very clear, they are still in the early stage of trial. The enterprises' attempts to O2O are mostly in the theory and slogan, and they have not really been practiced. It can be said that there is no specific measure in the current industry that can make O2O work effectively.

In the current era of mobile Internet era marketing model is constantly updated, the "pan-home" model may provide a powerful reference for the implementation of O2O.

As a new concept of home design, Pan Home is based on home design, and integrates services between industries. This integrated service is very important to reflect the effective combination of online and offline.

"The network platform is a major operational path for future pan-homes. Combining LED lighting products with home appliances is a new direction to achieve effective online and offline product integration," said Liu Wei, general manager of Tsinghua Tongfang Lighting Division.

This time, Gaogong LED brought its first offline lighting chain in China, Gaogong Lighting Chain, to the 16th China International Building Decoration Expo (hereinafter referred to as “Jianbo Fair”).

Known as the "Asian Building Materials First Exhibition", the Expo will bring together more than 2,200 home building materials companies from around the world, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 340,000 square meters.

The selection of the Expo as a cross-border propaganda platform for the high-tech lighting chain is precisely because of its channel influence in the field of home building materials.

As the first O2O lighting chain in China, Gaogong Lighting Chain has gathered a number of LED lighting brands to break the original hierarchical agent model. Dealers or customers can directly connect with the original brand, and truly flatten the channels.

This year's China Construction Expo will be held at the China Import and Export Fair Complex in Guangzhou from July 8th to 11th. During the exhibition, Gaogong Lighting Chain Co., Ltd. brought its brands into the famous LED lighting brands such as Tsinghua Tongfang, Tongyi Lighting, Sunlight Lighting, Sidon Lighting, Xinteli, Mulinsen, Infineon and Tongpu Technology. Light bulbs, lamps, ceiling lamps, panel lights, table lamps, hotel lighting and many other LED lamps.

At the exhibition site, each new product has a corresponding QR code. Users can directly access the high-tech lighting chain mobile platform to purchase the required products by scanning the QR code. The strong platform with a strong brand and a new shopping experience, the exhibition site has received great attention from exhibitors and distributors.

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