RFID intelligent community, government compound parking lot management system

I. Current situation

At present, there are several major types of domestic parking system:

1Manual management type. The work efficiency is low, the property management personnel have high labor intensity, and the human factors are large, which cannot be recognized by the owners. Contradictions are easy to occur.

2. Swipe: Relative human management avoids human factors. But the card is brought to the owner, especially on rainy or winter.

3. No parking and exit: avoid the shortcomings of the above two management modes. But the system is stable, advanced, can increase the level of community management, property management to enhance the image and increase feelings of property and property owners. But the cost is relatively high.

Second, the working principle

When the vehicle enters the cell, the vehicle passes through the induction coil before the gate to generate an inductive signal, the remote reader reads the electronic tag information on the vehicle, and uploads the tag information to the host database, and displays the vehicle information in the management. On the system software, the system automatically recognizes the legality and attributes of the card. If it is the vehicle of this unit, the gate is released and allowed to enter the community; if it is not the vehicle of the unit, the system alarms, the security guard can handle the visiting vehicle and register.

In system operation, the electronic tag is generally installed inside the front windshield of the transport vehicle, and the sensing distance from the remote reader is usually 5-15 meters. If, in order to prevent the vehicle deck, the label can be detached for installation, once the installation is completed, the label can no longer be effectively used after being disassembled without legal authorization.

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