Dialogue with Silver Optoelectronics: Explaining the Power with Strength

Dialogue with Silver Optoelectronics: Explaining the Power with Strength
Plastic LED bulb light, it has become a spokesperson for the bulb market, and it shines at major exhibitions. As a new accessory material for LED lighting, whether the plastic kit has ushered in its own development in the spring, and whether it has been criticized for the lack of flaws that have been solved with the development of the technology. With all sorts of questions, the reporter specifically visited the plastic kits. ——Dongguan Yinhao Optoelectronic Materials Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Yinyi Optoelectronics) deeply understands the past and present of plastic packages.
Plastic kit "big outbreak" is imperative
Before the plastic package has been approved by the market, the lighting material has always been the world of metal materials and glass materials. However, although metal materials have unique advantages in heat conduction, at the same time, it is also easy to conduct electricity, and it is difficult to pass safety regulations. The relevant verification, in addition to its high production costs, environmental pollution is also large, in the country's efforts to promote a new low-carbon green ecology, the current metal materials seem to be gradually with the development of the times. Compared with metal materials, plastic materials have more advantages: insulation, more safety, avoiding the potential hazard of aluminum alloy materials; lighter weight, compared with the density of aluminum alloy material 2.7g/m3, the density of thermal plastic It is only 1.6g/m3. It is more environmentally friendly. It will not cause environmental pollution during the production process. It has higher design freedom and can meet the design and manufacturing requirements of complex structures that cannot be satisfied by aluminum alloy materials. It is easy to process and has high efficiency. The processing cycle is shortened and the cost is easier to control.
At present, there has been a kind of sound in the market, and the product quality of glass lamp shades is higher than that of plastic shades. However, it is understood that due to the point light source characteristics of LED lamps, the lamp shades need to be evenly treated. The materials used for plastic shades are light-diffusing plastic materials. , Its characteristics are uniform light, not brittle, easy processing, green, easy to recycle. Authoritative certification shows that the light diffuser made of light-diffusing plastic material can achieve even better light transmittance and aesthetics of the glass lampshade. In addition, the heat dissipation performance has been solved under the technological advancement of the chip and power supply. On the contrary, glass material does not possess the above characteristics, which limits its application in the field of LED lighting.
Fu Hao, general manager of Yinyi Optoelectronics, said that with such a comparison, plastic materials naturally become the new star, although the current balance of thermal conductivity and economics of plastic packages still need to be resolved, but it still can not hinder it to become a lighting business choice suite The preferred material.
Fu Hao believes that with the rise of LED lighting plastic kit will usher in the development of the outbreak, but not to say that the production of plastic kit is a steady business, only those who meet the "three meet an optimal" plastic package can be much Businesses favor. Fu Hao told reporters that the so-called "three satisfactions" are to meet safety requirements, such as resistance to electrical breakdown, heat-resistant wire, and flame-retardant; second is to meet the mechanical properties, such as resistance to high and low temperature impact, anti-sliding teeth; the third is to meet Aging performance, yellowing resistance, high temperature resistance; "a best" is the best cost performance, in the eyes of Fu Hao, only the kit that meets the above requirements can stand out in the increasingly fierce competition, the market increasingly standardized lighting market
Dance with Plastic Kits with Homeopathy
As a professional LED heat-conducting plastic kit product and light diffusion material manufacturer, in order to provide customers with more cost-effective products, in recent years, Jubilee Optoelectronics has been committed to technology research and development and breakthroughs, climbing a seat technology peak. In the aspect of light diffusion materials, the transmittance of the silver crucible photoelectricity reached a new high, the light transmittance was >90% and the lamp beads were not exposed, and the flame retardant level reached. In addition, the long-term production stability is good, and the cost can be reduced by 20% compared with the same period of last year. In terms of heat-conducting plastics, Yinyi Optoelectronics' thermal conductive material has a specific gravity as low as 1.58, whiteness greater than 95%, good toughness, insulation, halogen-free flame retardant, and almost zero wear on production equipment. In the lamp body design of the kit, Yinhao Optoelectronics uses stamped aluminum parts instead of die castings. The weight is lighter but the effect is the same. The lampshade is replaced by a mushroom lampshade to improve the light angle and even light is better. In addition, according to Fu Xin, their ultra-low bending all-plastic straight tube lamps have also been successfully produced.
Synchronizing with the market, taking advantage of the situation, has always been the most enthusiastic thing for Yinhe Optoelectronics. With the rise of the subdivision of LED lighting market, consumers are more keen on specialty products and attach more importance to the design elements of products. In order to meet such “characterized” requirements of customers, Yinhe Optoelectronics exerts a lot of effort in design, and they will According to the current market direction, a special design review will be conducted prior to the development of each new product to ensure that the new product's line design is more beautiful, the proportions are more harmonious, the models are more exquisite, and some are added to make the whole newer and more distinctive. The elements, in the choice of color, are biased toward a whiter, more beautiful ceramic white. In terms of function, the design direction of the light out of a major angle makes the light effect more uniform and more practical.
Do not fear the competition with strength to explain wonderful
The LED industry has never been short of war. Price wars, technological warfare, and channel warfare have caused all kinds of wars to flood the entire LED arena. With the rise of plastic kits, the competition among manufacturers of plastic kits has become increasingly fierce, and swallowing market share and seizing limited market cakes has become a reality for many plastic kit manufacturers.
In the face of competition, Jubilee Optoelectronics, with its rich production experience, is not afraid. It continues to brewing its own advantages and sticks to the development path of independent R&D and production of plastic raw materials. It has tailored its materials and suites for customers. "One-stop lighting solutions, and strict control of quality, to provide users with high-quality, cost-effective products, in addition, persist in innovation is always the killer of Yinyi Optoelectronics, has now or authorized invention patents, utility model patents and Appearance of more than 100 patents.
At the same time, Yinyi Optoelectronics is continuing to expand its own branding effect. In 2014, Guangzhou Yinguang Optoelectronics will use its strength to interpret the wonderful, will push the main bulb light series and all plastic tube suite products. , Especially the large-angle light-emitting, cost-effective bulb series products. In addition, several newly-developed bulb sets with excellent appearance, excellent functions, and high cost performance have also been officially unveiled at this exhibition.

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