Philips wins 200 million LED lighting contract

Philips wins 200 million LED lighting contract

Unite Students is the UK's largest operator of a student dormitory. Recently, Philips Lighting has signed a contract to install LED lighting with the agency. The total contract price is 21 million pounds (approximately 220 million yuan), of which 9.6 million pounds are financed by Unite Students, and the remaining funds are provided by a UK joint investment partner. The contract plan will upgrade the lighting quality of the entire Unite Students property over the next two years. The contract will provide improved physical space and energy efficiency savings for buildings in more than 23 townships and cities in the UK and 41,000 students.

It is expected that more than 300,000 new luminaires and 85,000 sensors and dimmers will be installed, and it is expected that the return will be completed within five years after the lighting upgrade. The contract includes corridors, kitchens, recreation rooms, lounges and reception places, and outdoor areas. LED lighting. Each student's bedroom will also be equipped with dimmers and Philips LivingColors color-changing lights.

Richard Smith, General Manager of Unite Students, said: "The new lighting will provide students with more personalized social and warmer learning space while reducing their carbon footprint. The long life of LED lights will also significantly reduce maintenance workload."

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