Talking about how LED lighting design can avoid "jumping dance"

By closely linking the design to all aspects of the business, the design will play a huge role, and will not be reduced to design because of the design, so that the design is caught in the "single dance". Most importantly, design will be more valuable by combining the company's realities and demands, as will designers.

The design of lighting products is very important for every company. Whether a brand is dynamic, whether the product has strong competitiveness in the market, development and design have played a leading role.

The importance of design is self-evident, and many excellent companies have invested a lot of energy in this regard. They are therefore at the forefront of the same category, relying on a steady stream of new products, driving the consumer market; also gaining the tension of the brand and the right to speak in the market. A brand that is constantly innovating is more likely to be passive than a brand that runs behind.

The importance of development design does not have to be discussed too much, but how to do a good job in the development and design of this ring, I think it is worthy of further discussion. The development designer is degraded to become a simple painter or money collector, or to play his own subjective initiative, combined with the various realities of the enterprise, to develop a number of marketable products, directly determine its value; also determines a company in the market Active and passive.

To give my own experience and some practices in development and design, I believe that development and design should jump out of the existing circle, combine the actual production and service aspects, and integrate the brand culture to create a sales force and have Value of the product.

In terms of combined production, development designers should consider the smooth flow of new products in the production process, and can not be used as a firefly. Each company's production methods, scale, and status quo are different. Developing products that meet their own conditions can not only improve production efficiency, but also reduce defective products. "Modular" development, its main purpose is to improve production efficiency and enhance the consistency of brand products. The design of each "module" may be reused, such as the safety design of the chassis, the new pattern design, etc. The injection of these design elements not only makes the product safe and reliable, but also allows the workers to improve efficiency by familiarizing themselves with the process. Then this design actually reduces the cost of production and improves the cost performance of the product.

In terms of combining brand services, development designers can also inject many elements to make branding services easier. For example, the product's anti-breakage, easy to install and other design, these must fully integrate the brand's after-sales service, so that after-sales service becomes more smooth and more effective. Some of the shortcomings of the products presented in the after-sales, designers should be included in the design considerations in a timely manner, as soon as possible to correct the design flaws, which will make the product more perfect. We promote “nanny-style services” in the terminal market. Therefore, service elements are often included in the design. We have tried and dropped in design and production, and invested a lot of energy in packaging design, which also greatly reduced the after-sales service. So that the "nanny service" can be realized in advance in development and production.

In terms of combining brand culture, designers should be more committed. Every brand has a different culture, and it has its own personality. How to express it, in addition to the employees' words and deeds, the company's cultural advocacy, an important display window is the product. The industry has the saying that "products are the character", and that is the reason. For example, there is a core value that is “only a valuable product”, which is deeply reflected in the product. To this end, we continue to innovate in product performance, constantly improve the details, focus on the value of the product, let the product be beautiful, simple, generous, free of maintenance or easy to repair or repair, let the value culture view on the product There is a real embodiment.

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