Qingyuan LED street light energy-saving renovation through the acceptance of installation of LED street lights 47,000 盏

On July 30, the Led Street Lamp energy-saving renovation project in Qingyuan City passed the acceptance test. According to the third-party test results, after the project is rebuilt, the road illumination and illumination uniformity have been greatly improved, and all the indicators meet the national standards and project requirements.

The project started in March 2013 and completed the project transformation in one year. A total of 237 roads with LED street lights of 47,000 baht were installed. The project's power saving rate exceeded 50%, saving more than 20 million kWh per year, equivalent to one year's lighting power consumption of 50,000 households, and annual electricity saving of more than 20 million yuan. . The project adopts the contract energy management mode. The Nanwang Energy Company is responsible for capital investment, construction, management and service. The energy-saving benefit sharing period is 8 years, and the saved electricity costs are allocated according to the ratio agreed by both parties.

It is understood that the project is by far the largest single-lamp LED Street Lamp energy-saving renovation project in the province, and the first urban streetlight LED retrofit project that has been publicly auctioned by the Guangdong Province since it issued the “Implementation Plan for Promoting the Use of LED Lighting Products”.

LED point light source is a new kind of energy conservation and environmental protection decorative light, using LED cold light source, the built-in microcomputer chip, can be arbitrary programming control, multiple synchronous change, monochromatic changes can also be realized synchronous colorful gradient, jump, scanning, running water light color change effect and multiple LED point light source form a lattice screen.All kinds of pictures, text and animation effects can be changed. It is a supplement of linear light source and flood lighting, which can meet the design requirements of the point line surface.

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