The difference between LED fluorescent light and ordinary light

First, ordinary fluorescent lamps:
There is a filament at each end of the fluorescent lamp. The tube is filled with a small amount of argon and thin mercury vapor. The inner wall of the tube is coated with phosphor powder. When the gas between the two filaments conducts electricity, it emits ultraviolet light, which makes the phosphor powder soft. Visible light.
Fluorescent lamp working characteristics: A high voltage is required when the lamp starts to ignite, and only a small current is allowed to pass during normal illumination. At this time, the voltage across the lamp is lower than the power supply voltage.
The fluorescent tube is equipped with a filament at both ends, and the inner wall of the glass tube is coated with a uniform thin fluorescent powder. After the tube is evacuated to a vacuum of 10-3-10-4 mmHg, a small amount of inert gas is charged, and a small amount of liquid mercury is also injected. . An inductive ballast is a core inductive coil. The nature of the inductor is that when the current in the coil changes, the flux will cause a change in the flux, resulting in an induced electromotive force whose direction is opposite to the direction of the current, thus hindering The current changes.
The starter acts as a switch in the circuit. It is formed by a helium discharge tube connected in parallel with a capacitor. The function of the capacitor is to eliminate the electromagnetic interference to the power supply and form an oscillating circuit with the ballast to increase the starting pulse voltage amplitude. One electrode of the discharge tube is composed of a bimetal piece, and is heated by the bubble discharge, so that when the bimetal piece is opened and closed, the current of the inductance ballast is abrupt and a high voltage pulse is generated to be applied to both ends of the lamp tube.
When the fluorescent lamp is connected to the circuit, the glow discharge is started between the two electrodes of the starter, so that the bimetal is thermally expanded and contacts the static contact, so that the power source, the ballast, the filament and the starter form a closed loop, and the current The filament is preheated, and after 1-3 seconds of heating, the glow discharge between the two electrodes of the starter is extinguished, and the bimetal is cooled and disconnected from the static electrode, when the two electrodes are disconnected The current in the circuit suddenly disappears, so the ballast generates a high-voltage pulse, which is superimposed on the power supply and then applied to both ends of the lamp tube to ionize the inert gas in the lamp tube to cause arc discharge. During the normal illumination process, the town The self-inductance of the current device also acts to stabilize the current in the circuit.
Second, LED fluorescent lamp:
Led fluorescent lamps are characterized by high quality, durability and energy saving. The range of projection angle adjustment is large, and the brightness of 15W is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamps. High temperature resistance, moisture proof and waterproof, and leakage prevention. The voltage is 110V, 220V, and the cover is made of glass or PC. The lamp head is the same as a regular fluorescent lamp.
LED fluorescent lamp adopts the latest LED light source technology, digital design, saving more than 70%, 12W LED daylighting is equivalent to 40W fluorescent tube (for ballast and starter, 36W fluorescent lamp real consumption The power is 42W to 44W). LED fluorescent lamp life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, no need to change lamp, ballast, starter frequently. The green and environmentally friendly semiconductor electric light source has soft light and pure spectrum, which is beneficial to the user's vision protection and health. The 6000K cold light source gives a visually cool feeling, and the humanized illuminance difference design helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.
At present, the advantages of LED fluorescent lamps and ordinary fluorescent lamps are as follows:
1. Energy saving. 2. Long life. 3, the applicability is good, because the single LED is small in size and can be made into any shape. 4. The response time is short, which is the response time of the ns (nanosecond) level, and the normal luminaire is the response time of the ms (millisecond) level. 5, environmental protection, no harmful metals, waste is easy to recycle. 6, the color is beautiful, the color of the light is pure, the spectral range is narrow, and it can be mixed into the colorful or white light through the red, green and blue three primary colors.
Disadvantages: 1, the price is expensive. 2. There is still a big gap between the light efficiency and theoretical light efficiency that can be generally achieved. 3. There is still a big gap between the current life expectancy and the theoretical life (10w hours). 4, there is still a certain amount of heat. 5, light decay can also be greatly reduced.
However, these shortcomings can be overcome through the improvement of the process, so even if the current LED light source can not completely replace the existing traditional light source, but with the development of technology, it must be the world of LED in the future.

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