3 years 4 Deng "black list" Op Lighting IPO process trapped in the quality vortex

Lighting company Op Lighting is stepping into the capital market. According to the "Basic Information on Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Reporting Enterprises" published by the CSRC website on June 7, Op Lighting has entered the initial review of IPO and plans to list on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the near future.

This news has caused great turmoil in the industry. The reason is that Op Lighting has always been in the vortex of quality. In the past three years, it has been on the unqualified “black list” four times. Is it true that the “black list” frequent visitors can also go smoothly? Listing, listing has nothing to do with product quality?

Op Lighting starts the listing process

Recently, the scandals of listed companies in the lighting industry have emerged one after another. The NVC lighting “creation” and “investment” wars have just subsided, and Foshan lighting has fallen into a false alarm. In the dark clouds, Opus Lighting, another giant in the lighting industry, has also begun a journey of actively seeking listing.

According to the "Basic Information on Initial Public Offerings (IPO) Reporting Enterprises" published by the CSRC website on June 7, Op Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Oupu Lighting") is going to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. "In the first trial." Entering the initial IPO list means that Op Lighting has already stood on the threshold of listing.

Op Lighting is a big name in the home industry. Its official website shows that the company was founded in August 1996. It is a comprehensive lighting company integrating R&D, production and sales. It has more than 6,000 employees and its products cover light sources. In the fields of lighting, lighting control, etc., it has several production bases including Shanghai Headquarters, Zhongshan Industrial Park and Wujiang Industrial Park. There are more than 30 offices in China, and there are more than 30,000 domestic terminal sales outlets.

On its official website, Op Lighting has described its strong technical strength: “The industry's leading production lines for energy-saving lamps, ceiling lamps, brackets, electrical appliances, etc., as well as R&D centers with complete facilities, advanced technology and elite gatherings. It has established the most complete professional laboratories in the industry such as EMC and distributed luminosity, and has a professional technical team consisting of hundreds of outstanding talents led by top industry experts and senior engineers.” At the same time, Op Lighting has also gained too much A class of heavyweight honors, such as "China Famous Brand Products", "China Famous Brands", "2007 Leadership Temperament - CCTV Best Employer of the Year".

Ding Long, vice president of Op Lighting, publicly said in an interview with the media that LED and traditional lighting have different profit margins. At present, LEDs are emerging markets, the market is not transparent, and the standards are not clear. Large traditional lighting companies are not fully involved in LED companies. The overall quality of small enterprises is worrying, and the prospects are not clear. "The whole LED industry is in a rising period, and 8,000 companies will eventually have 80 outstanding."

It is understood that Op Lighting will set this year as the first year of Opto Lighting's LED commercial market. In 2013, Op Lighting Commercial Division will have a total annual sales growth of more than 70% in the four major areas of home, light source, business photo and electrician. Op Lighting is rapidly gaining market share in the LED market and is trying to become one of the “remaining” companies in the competition.

It stands to reason that such a "strength brand" listing should win a good voice, but many people in the industry have doubts about this, because Op Lighting is seeking to go public in the quality vortex.

The quality of the "black list" in the past three years

In recent years, Op Lighting has been caught in the quality vortex. It has been found by the relevant quality inspection departments to be unqualified, and has been dubbed by consumers as the “Sanlu” of the lighting industry.

According to incomplete statistics, in the past three years, Op Lighting has been exposed to at least four times in the relevant departments of various localities, and it is simply a blacklist.

On July 16, 2012, the Shanghai Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the second quarter of 2012, the quality of the lighting in the circulation field was unqualified. The nominal trademark was “pattern”, model specification MT-HY0T-0211W, and the production date was 2010. On December 20th, a portable luminaire manufactured by Zhongshan Oupu Lighting Co., Ltd. was unqualified for heat, fire resistance and scratch resistance (heat resistance).

On September 7, 2011, a movable lamp with the trademark "Oupu Lighting", the specification model is MT-HY1T-08MAX15W, and the batch number is 101206, due to fire resistance in the quality supervision and inspection of Shanghai movable lamp products in 2011. Qualified to blacklist; On March 3, 2011, Wenzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce announced the spot check of wire and cable lamps for the fourth quarter of 2010. The trademark was “Oupu Lighting”, model 220V~50HzMAX60WNTD1140, and production date was 2009 12 On the 11th of the month, the manufacturer of Zhongshan Lupu Lighting Co., Ltd. was replaced by three unqualified signs, grounding and wiring.

On May 25, 2010, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision released the results of the quality supervision and inspection of Shanghai fluorescent lamps. It showed that a trademark produced by Zhongshan Op Lighting Co., Ltd. was “OPPLEY” and the model number was DW21-2D21W. The 2D lamp with batch number 2009III was judged to be a non-conforming product due to the failure of the energy efficiency limit value.

Why do the big-name lighting of the lamps and lanterns often climb the quality black list? Chang Yi, a lighting industry official in Beijing, told reporters that this fully exposed the loopholes in the quality management system of the company, and did not really improve the quality management system in accordance with the relevant standards of the quality management system, and put it into practice. The quality management system requires inspection of the incoming goods, production process, and each process before production. The originals purchased must be inspected. Some enterprises are prone to accidents in order to save labor and labor. "As of now, the lighting industry There are no serious accidents or personal injury accidents caused by product failure. Some enterprises have the luck and do not strictly follow the relevant standards for quality management. Before the well-known brand of the lighting industry, Sanxiong Aurora also has quality problems. Illustration."

Listing has nothing to do with product quality?

Opto Lighting, a quality management system with loopholes in the quality of blacklists, can enter the IPO preliminary review, standing in front of the threshold of listing, so many people in the industry have questioned: Is it not related to product quality?

Mr. Wang, a senior financial person who has deep research on the stock market, believes that the frequent occurrence of quality problems in Op Lighting will definitely have a bad influence, but if the problems that have occurred before have been resolved, it is not a bad injury, and it will not be vetoed by one vote because The CSRC is more focused on performance, growth, future profitability and whether financial data is true.

It is still unclear whether the quality of the products has been solved by the Opry Lighting, which has been deeply mired in the quality vortex. It was only half of it in 2013. Is the next day being re-exposed by the quality inspection departments in various places to become the protagonist of the black list? doubt.

The industry believes that quality is the foundation of enterprise development. If Opto Lighting does not solve the quality problem well, it will pursue a glamorous and beautiful financial statement. Even if it can be successfully listed, it will not be guaranteed to become the second Foshan Lighting. In recent years, Foshan Lighting has often experienced quality problems. On several occasions, it has joined the Op Lighting to join the black list. The “quality gate” will inevitably evolve into a crisis of trust, consumers will continue to lose, financial fraud will continue, and eventually become a typical punishment of the CSRC. , Op Lighting should be taken as a warning.

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