Samsung and Apple Layout Sensor Business

Samsung and Apple Layout Sensor Business In recent days, Samsung and Apple have been aware of the importance of sensors and have deployed sensor business. Where should we place the next generation of consumer electronics? That is innovation, and innovation needs more to rely on sensors. Samsung and Apple are also actively integrating sensors such as fingerprints, temperature, and pressure into consumer electronics products as the main competition point to meet the arrival of 4G and the Internet of Things.

For example, the industry believes that Apple's iPhone 6 will use fingerprint authentication sensors as a selling point, and Apple's latest recruitment of "LabTool" software engineers, is also considered to be prepared for the iPhone 6 fingerprint sensor. Samsung added sensors such as temperature, humidity, and infrared to the Galaxy S4.

In fact, Samsung and Apple's layout of the sensor business is not difficult to understand and predictable. The intelligence of consumer electronics and the enhancement of user experience all require the use of sensors. The forthcoming 4G and the Internet of Things are based on sensors. Consumer electronics must adapt to the era of 4G and the Internet of Things. Layout of sensors is essential.

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