360 mobile assistant status improved

360 mobile assistant status improved 360 introduced gadgets "portable WiFi" once again attracted the attention of the outside world to its wireless strategy.

Tencent Technology understands that "360 Portable WiFi" was originally conceived from the 360 ​​mobile assistant: the mobile assistant PC version often requires data lines when acquiring mobile phone software, games, mp3 and other resources. It can be said that one of the "360 portable WiFi" is the promotion of 360 mobile assistant.

With the continuous increase in the number of users, this year 360 mobile assistant has become a popular product in the 360 ​​wireless field, and its momentum even exceeds 360 mobile phone guards. This also makes 360 have two hundred million mobile phone end products of the user scale. According to Tencent Technology, in order to comply with business development, this year 360 has re-adjusted its wireless strategy. The 360 ​​mobile assistant's marketing was originally responsible for the 360 ​​mobile guard team, and now it has been split and independent to do it alone. The 360-to-wireless strategy The general intent is that 360 mobile phone guards will keep their safe bases and traffic entrances, and 360 mobile assistants will earn income.

In the case of a large enough share of the PC and mobile phones, 360 will also look to internationalization, 360 mobile phone guardian international version has been launched to support English, Russian, Portuguese and so on. 360 Tao Li, who was responsible for the original wireless, was transferred to take charge of the internationalization business. However, 360 is still in the stage of exploration in terms of internationalization and has not really done much.

Currently known as the "Little Zhou Hongjun," Shen Haijun succeeds Li Tao in his 360 mobile phone security business. Shen Haijun is the “rebel general” of Jinshan and was formerly Vice President of Kingsoft Software and CEO and Director of Kingsoft Corporation in Japan. However, Shen and Zhou Hongyuan have a deep connection. The company that was founded in the early days had cooperated with Zhou Hongyi to obtain the nickname of “Japan 3721” in the name of Japan’s big sales network.

Before the introduction of the Jinshan executives research and development of new mobile phone guardian 360 wireless business is divided into two parts. One of these services includes large vendors, operators, small and medium-sized manufacturers, and brush machines, chips, and programs, as well as online promotion channels. Previously, 360 Tao Li Tao was responsible for the operation and had been operating alone, and even brewing. The person responsible for the 360 ​​mobile assistant business is Chen Jie, who has also been operating independently.

However, the 360 ​​wireless recently changed significantly. According to informed sources, while Li Tao was being transferred, Zhou Hongyi personally brought back Shen Haijun from Japan to let him be responsible for the development of the new 360 mobile phone guardian. Now Shen Haisheng's team has closed development for a long time, and the new version is expected to be released soon.

According to mobile internet industry estimates, 360 mobile phone guards have added more than 500,000 new users each day, of which more than 70% are online, mainly mobile assistants and cross-promotions. The number of 360 mobile assistant users is also growing rapidly. Now it has become the largest Android software distribution channel in the country, with a daily distribution volume of 45 million, and it has become a large 360 ​​income generator since the second half of last year.

360 has also been developing mobile phone browsers, cloud discs and other products, among which, Zhou Hongyi dug out from the Microsoft team Hu Hao responsible for mobile browser development. However, Hu Hao's mobile browser is not receiving much promotion resources for various reasons. Eventually Hu Hao left Baidu to serve as a senior director responsible for the video business. 360 mobile browser business is in a stagnant state.

People familiar with 360 disclosed to Tencent Technology that 360 mobile assistants are the focus of the wireless field from the perspective of 360, and 360 wants to turn 360 mobile assistant into the next cash cow. The mobile browser may be the focus of next year.

Doing large scales is still a wireless focus According to informed sources, 360 is copying a model on the PC to the mobile Internet - first taking huge amounts of traffic and selling ads. With the increasing proportion of mobile Internet traffic, 360's business model on the mobile terminal is gradually shaping, mainly mobile game intermodal and mobile advertising.

Mobile game transport currently accounts for the bulk of 360 wireless revenue. Touching Technology CEO Chen Yuzhi has said that Fishing 2 is a single-digit product with a revenue level of only 10 million yuan.

360 wireless advertising is mainly effect advertising (CPA) and fixed-position advertising. According to the 360 ​​company CFO Xu Xiaoli recently disclosed in the conference call, 360 mobile advertising and games in the first quarter are expected to contribute about millions of dollars in revenue.

However, compared to revenue, 360 is more focused on the wireless side to quickly seize users. This is also the 360's goal of launching portable WiFi: Target users in the second and third tiers that do not have mobile Internet access. Because of the second and third tiers, operators often bundle up some low-end smartphones to lock down the router's wireless capabilities and disable their own wireless routers. 360 portable WiFi may be welcomed by users in these areas. Analysts pointed out that the 360 ​​portable WiFi has 11M driver installation package, which can easily pull 360 mobile phone guards in the specific use of the installation.

Hongbo, an Internet analyst, pointed out to Tencent Technology that "360 Portable WiFi" is the first hardware in the true sense of 360. It is likely to be just a pathfinder product. Eventually, 360 will still have wireless routers, PCs, mobile phones, set-top boxes, etc. Smart terminals are supervised and can further promote the popularity of 360 mobile phone software.

In addition, 360 also cooperates with developers to promote. The insider revealed that since 360 ​​has become an indispensable distribution channel for developers on the mobile phone side, 360 is very strong in the mobile channel, requiring the product must be the exclusive starter, 360 even require developers to install 360 PUSH function in their software, otherwise not In cooperation with developers, 360 this move is mainly to achieve the effect of secondary marketing.

360 mobile assistant is also strengthening its own platform features. For example, in-depth cooperation with YouTube and other video sites, using more diverse forms of cooperation, intends to introduce the resources of these video sites. 360 is still trying to move reading and other services, may be involved in the field of network literature.

360's wireless offensive 2 years ago, 360 has not formally involved in the field of mobile assistant. At that time, 360 adopted the strategy of uniting NetDragon’s 91 mobile phone assistant to further develop the mobile Internet. 360 and NetDragon set up an R&D center, and sent R&D personnel to settle in the NetDragon assistance. Develop new version 91 mobile assistant. However, 360 mobile assistants have now become the most direct competitive relationship with 91 mobile assistants.

Not only that, but with Internet companies such as Baidu, Tencent, and 360, as well as telecom operators and mobile phone manufacturers rushing into this field, the existing market leaders An Zhi, Applied Hui, and Pea pods have already faced tremendous pressure.

Informed sources disclosed that pea pods only have a monthly revenue of 5 million, and they are seeking a new round of financing, which is likely to be given to giants by mergers and acquisitions. Application sinks have had no sound in the market for a long time. The advantage of 360 mobile assistant is further expanding.

In fact, 360 mobile phone security guards are not "useless," on the contrary, they have the supreme jurisdiction to control the killing power of other applications. A security industry official pointed out that security software will do a lot of things, such as the more popular, 360 through mobile assistants to promote other software, promote the modularization of software, or use 360 ​​rights management to combat competitors or uncooperative products.

Another example is the 360 ​​virus scan, which will give some competing products insecurity risk tips, so that users have panic, 360 can also use the security scan to replace the user's software package, the most direct is to replace the game to improve their games Revenue sharing. This is also an important reason for Tencent's active deployment of mobile phone housekeepers and its aggressive battle with the 360.

Informed people are a bit worried that these are not perceived by the user as invisible, like the download of the application store, the user does not pay, but the developer pays, the result is the user gets the software, 360 earns promotion fees, developers Increasingly relying on the flow of large channels, eventually a good market environment may become a fierce bidding model.

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