Murata expert: revolution in connectivity technology for vehicles


Connectivity technology evolved from our popular mobile phones/smart phones and tablets. Recently, not only mobile phones/smart phones, but also digital cameras, home appliances, game consoles, healthcare devices, and automobiles are widely visible in mechanical devices. Murata’s slogan “Connecting the world with connectivity technology!” is a variety of connectivity technology proposals and efforts. In the following, we will focus on Murata's efforts to make connectivity technologies for vehicles.

Murata's vehicle connection module

Murata's car connection module has a Bluetooth module equipped with car navigation and car audio system around 2003. These modules are wirelessly connected via Bluetooth via a mobile phone or portable music device that is carried into the car, enabling functions such as hands-free and music playback, and contributing to the convenience of the driver without impeding safety.

In addition to the hardware part of the Bluetooth module that guarantees wireless performance, the Bluetooth module also has built-in software for users such as hands-free, music playback, and phone book transmission. In other words, the software also includes voice recognition for the driver without affecting security performance, echo cancellation/noise reduction (EC/NR) for improved sound quality, and improved connectivity to various target devices. Sexual function.

Recently, development and commercialization of a combination module of a new wireless system such as a W-LAN function, a GPS function, and an NFC function have been added to Bluetooth (Fig. 1). In particular, the W-LAN system is the most anticipated system for future automotive connectivity. We will use the experience and achievements of Murata's rich consumer equipment connection module to provide driver migration, system performance evaluation, and various Full support for certified software. (figure 2)

Figure 1: Car Navigation? Bluetooth®+W-LAN+GPS Combination Module for Car Audio

Figure 2: Full support for W-LAN systems

Murata's in-vehicle connectivity module has sold more than 13 million units by December 2012 and is installed in cars around the world.

Requirements for automotive products and Murata's efforts

Compared with general consumer equipment, the car has a longer use time and the use environment is more severe. Moreover, the car is a device that is related to life and property safety, and of course its requirements will be strict.

However, the in-vehicle connection module does not only require wireless functions and performance, but also requires high/long-term reliability, long-cycle supply, and continuous quality improvement (zero defect). Therefore, in order to meet such requirements and conditions, development techniques, evaluation techniques, and manufacturing techniques are all important.

It is critical to have high-quality performance and to ensure consistent manufacturing technology with excellent product design. At present, all of Murata's connectivity modules, including in-vehicle use, are produced at our factory, so that the quality of the vehicle can be ensured from the initial stage of development. The production process of the automotive connectivity module is basically similar to that of the consumer equipment module. If there is a separate line from the production line, there is a special production line for the vehicle, which is produced on this special production line. In order to achieve the quality of the vehicle, the specialized department of the vehicle-mounted product arranges the staff who have obtained the data management and the worker certification system qualification certificate to perform the work, and also participates in the special inspection project, traceability organization, and realizes the basics of automobile product manufacturing through these means. Idea - zero defect.

It can be seen that connectivity technologies will gradually be put into new wireless systems and new applications in the future and will continue to expand. The connectivity technology for vehicles will also become more versatile. But I think that no matter how the product changes, the concept and effort for the car described here will not change. I think whether it is possible to focus on the quality step by step based on the concept of the car and ultimately determine the quality.

Future vehicle connectivity technology

Connectivity technology will also become one of the key technologies supporting the evolution of automobiles in the future. Below are some examples of possible future scenarios. Today, the use of Bluetooth is dominated by sound and driving. The standard for installing W-LAN functions in smartphones that have recently exploded has begun to increase. This feature has been added to in-vehicle devices to enable and install W-LAN systems. Interconnection becomes possible. Therefore, the external network and smartphone connected to the hotspot can be controlled and used by the in-vehicle device. You can also play animations at the same time.

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and NFC (Near Field Communication) systems are also attracting attention in other short-range wireless systems. These communication systems will also be listed as standard equipment for smartphones in the future. For example, a private mobile phone will become his car key, and will only be unlocked when the driver approaches the car. The handle position and seat position can be set according to the individual.

NFC is a technology used in "Mobile Wallet" and "Mobile Suica", so it is currently considering pairing with Bluetooth and W-LAN in the car. The above is mainly the content of the information entertainment system, and the use of vehicles and networks, vehicle-to-vehicle, and road-to-vehicle communication to alleviate congestion and safety support is also under study, and the vehicle is used due to multi-functionality. The expansion of wired harness wirelessization, etc., may also be resolved in the future.

From the infotainment system in the car to the safety car that "walks, turns, stops" has a wide range of uses. Relatively high reliability is necessary. It is also necessary to make further breakthroughs in secure wireless. It can be said that the connectivity technology for vehicles has infinite potential.


With the slogan "Connecting the world with connectivity technology!", Murata is committed to a variety of wireless systems and has made proposals for connection technologies for various devices in the world. These will also become the basic technology for future connectivity technologies for vehicles. In the future, we will provide the best in-vehicle connection solutions that we will seek from the market. In the near future, we will introduce various sensors and also propose that they can be held by other companies that have already been used in customers' cars. The combination of technology and products has an attractive overall solution.

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