LCD splicing screen system signal interference shielding technology

With the progress and development of society, the transmission and conversion of information is highly integrated with our life. LCD splicing screens are one of the terminal display devices for information, and they are used by many industries. Now we are in the daily work life. You can often see the footprint of the LCD splicing screen. Now let's do a systematic analysis and troubleshooting on the common signal interference of LCD splicing screens:

1. There is a strong source of interference near the system. This can be judged by investigation and understanding. If this is the case, the solution is to strengthen the shielding of the camera and ground the pipeline of the video cable.

2, the quality of the video transmission line is not good, especially the shielding performance is poor (the shielding network is not a good quality copper wire mesh, or the shielding network is too thin to prevent shielding). At the same time, the line resistance of such video lines is too large, which causes a large attenuation of the signal, which is also a cause of aggravation. In addition, the characteristic impedance of such video lines is not 75Ω and the parameter is out of specification is also one of the causes of failure.

3. The fault caused by short circuit and open circuit of the core wire of the video cable and the shielded cable. This chaotic large-area moire interferes with the appearance of a type of fault that is generated on the monitor deeper than the image is completely destroyed, and the image and synchronization signals are not formed. This is often the case with BNC connectors or other types of video connectors. That is to say, when such a failure phenomenon occurs, the liquid crystal splicing wall often does not cause problems in the signals of the entire system, but only occurs in the number of paths in which the connectors are not good. As long as you carefully check these connectors one by one, you can solve them.

4. Caused by the power supply of the power supply system. An interference signal is superimposed on the normal power source. The interference signals on such power sources are mostly from devices using thyristors in the power grid. Especially for high-current, high-voltage thyristor equipment, the pollution of the power grid is very serious, which leads to the power supply in the same power grid is not "clean." For example, there are high-power thyristor frequency modulation speed regulation devices, thyristor rectifier devices, thyristor AC/DC converters, etc. in the power grid, which will pollute the power supply. The solution to this situation is relatively simple, as long as the entire system of the LCD splicing screen is powered by a clean power source or an online UPS, it can basically be solved.

5. Space radiation interference introduced by the transmission line. Most of this interference phenomenon occurs because there is a strong, high-frequency spatial radiation source near the transmission system, the front end of the system, or the central control room. One solution to this situation is to understand the surrounding environment when the system is established, try to avoid or keep away from the radiation source; another method is to strengthen the shielding of the front end and the center equipment when the radiation source cannot be avoided. The pipe is made of steel and well grounded.

6. A fault phenomenon caused by a mismatch in the characteristic impedance of the transmission line. This phenomenon is manifested in that a plurality of vertical strips of equal spacing are generated on the screen of the monitor, and the frequency of the interference signal is substantially an integer multiple of the horizontal frequency. It can also be said that this interference phenomenon is caused by the fact that the characteristic impedance and distribution parameters of the video cable of the liquid crystal splicing wall system are not in compliance with the requirements. The solution is generally solved by the method of “starting series resistor” or “terminal paralleling resistor”.

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