Smart home combined with Internet of Things into everyday life

OFweek Smart Grid News: In addition to security applications, smart home applications can better reflect the power of technology and the new concept of "Internet of Things" to bring convenience to life...

The combination of "Internet of Things" and "cloud technology" and "sensing technology" for security and smart home applications has made the "Internet of Things", a new term that has not been accepted by the general public, gradually enter our field of vision. As people gradually realize and gradually accept the Internet of Things, more and more Internet of Things applications will enter our lives.

As a basic IoT application, the scenes seen in sci-fi movies in the past can be achieved with a simple set of devices. To achieve a simple home security application, users only need to spend 3,000 yuan to buy a "brain", they can monitor the situation at home at any time through mobile terminals such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Sensors are installed at key locations such as living rooms, corridors, doors, windows, etc., and the “brain” responds based on sensor data. The reporter pushes the door with the sensor, the camera automatically turns to the position of the door, and sends a prompt message to the mobile phone, and simultaneously transmits a real-time picture, which is convenient for the user to monitor the situation at home. At present, mainstream safety applications mainly include the opening of doors and windows, smoke alarms, infrared monitoring and other functions, which can fully meet the safety requirements of general households and businesses.

In addition to security applications, smart home applications can better reflect the power of technology and the new concept of "Internet of Things" to bring convenience to life. The reporter experienced the use of mobile phones to control the lights and curtains in the home. The household appliances such as air conditioners, TVs and water heaters can also be controlled by mobile phones at any time. Under the guidance of the staff, the reporter downloaded the "big white goose" mobile phone application through Apple's mobile phone. Through simple setup, the reporter can use his mobile phone to open the on-site fan and alarm device, which is cool and modern. Health. According to Yang Nan’s manager, as long as it is a household appliance using a remote control, after a simple learning of the code, the mobile phone can be controlled without any other equipment. For some appliances that do not use the remote control, if the user has the need, the remote control function can be realized through simple modification. If you use it at home, just ensure that the terminal device and the master chip are in the same LAN. If you want to use it outside, all instructions will be uploaded to the server and then passed to the online device via the server. Such a smart home system based on the concept of "Internet of Things" costs only about 10,000 yuan, which is not expensive for groups that can't wait to experience high-tech.

In 2012, the market size of China's Internet of Things industry reached 365 billion yuan, an increase of 38.6% over 2011. From intelligent security to smart grids , from the spread of QR codes to the arrival of smart cities, as an emerging industry that is highly anticipated, the Internet of Things is blossoming everywhere, quietly affecting people's lives. With the rapid development of China's Internet of Things industry and the formation of industrial scale clusters, the industrial revolution in China's Internet of Things era is also beginning to emerge. With the development of IoT technology and the development of the industry, it is expected that the scale of China's Internet of Things market will reach 489.6 billion yuan in 2013. By 2015, this scale will reach 750 billion yuan, and the development prospects will exceed the traditions of computers, the Internet, and mobile communications. IT field. For the general public, "smart family" will be the best embodiment of the Internet of Things.

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