LED market development is still unclear Dingyuan this year to suspend production expansion plan

Due to its optimistic business of its light-receiving components business, Taiwanese Dingyuan has been preparing to expand its production project in Zhunan Factory. However, it is still unclear to observe the long-term development of the LED market, plus the current capacity utilization rate is about 70~80%. The rest of the production capacity can support the demand for orders, so the company suspended the expansion plan this year.

Dingyuan's board of directors recently decided to go through the issue of private placement of new shares. The maximum number of shares is no more than 200,000, and the tentative price is 7.6 yuan (NTD, the same below). The total amount of funds is 1.52 billion yuan. The company said that the main purpose of handling this private fund is to respond to the debts that are about to expire, and the company also expects to introduce new funds and partners. The case will be executed in several stages, so it is set at a higher total amount to maintain The execution space of the private fund is processed one by one.

From the financial report, Dingyuan had about 396 million yuan in cash at the end of last year, but short-term borrowings (repayment of debts within one year) reached 693 million yuan. Coupled with the continued weakness of the LED industry, the company has suffered losses for seven consecutive quarters. Private placements can strengthen financial physique and reduce debt.

Regarding whether the funds are used for expansion plans, Ding Yuan said that the company's single-month consolidated revenue this year is only between 260 and 260 million yuan. The current capacity utilization rate is about 70-80%, and the remaining capacity can be supported. It is estimated that until the monthly revenue reaches more than 300 million yuan, the production capacity will be tight. It is still unclear that the long-term development of the LED market is still unclear. Therefore, the company's operational focus this year will be to adjust the financial structure first, and the expansion plan will be suspended.

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