New regulations abroad or affect China's cable exports

New regulations abroad or affect China's cable exports Recently, Brazil's National Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality Bureau (INMETRO) has issued new mandatory conformity assessment requirements for wire and cable products. This new regulation is likely to have a large impact on the exports of mainland China and Hong Kong.

According to these new regulations, wire and cable products to be exported to Brazil must meet the new conformity certification requirements before June 7, 2014, and from December 7, 2014, importers and manufacturers will not allow sales. Meet the requirements of related products.

Brazil is an important trading partner of China in the South American region. Brazil's new conformity certification requirements will affect the relevant products exported from Ningbo to Brazil. Here, the inspection and quarantine department reminds related companies:

The first is to understand the new certification requirements as soon as possible and actively respond to them. Enterprises should organize personnel to study the relevant laws and regulations of the importing country, and timely adjust production raw materials and production processes according to new requirements.

The second is to improve the enterprise quality system and strengthen self-inspection and self-control capacity building. Promptly revise the contents of documents such as program documents and work instructions, timely implement new regulatory requirements into relevant documents, and strengthen the quality control of export products, and ensure the smooth export of products with good quality.

The third is to strengthen cooperation with inspection and quarantine departments and related laboratories, and promptly entrust qualified laboratories to carry out tests in accordance with the standards of the importing country so that the products meet the new requirements for conformity certification. Brazil's new conformity assessment requirements for wire and cable products will surely attract the attention of other countries. China will certainly conduct a series of reforms on wire and cable companies.

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